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Arizona Wildfires Update – June 19

Posted by feww on June 19, 2011

Wallow Fire Crosses US 180, Burns Toward Luna, NM 

(Posted June 18, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.) Strong southwest winds have caused the Wallow Fire to breach containment lines along US 180, on the east side of the fire. The fire is burning toward Luna, New Mexico which, as of 3:15 p.m., is being evacuated.

  • High winds have also caused very active fire behavior in the Blue River area.
  • A Red Flag Warning to continue Sunday because of strong winds and low relative humidity.
  • Southwest winds are expected to increase to 20-30 mph with gusts of 40-50 mph.
  • Humidity is in the single digits.
  • Strong winds and low relative humidity could create extreme fire behavior.

The Landsat 5 satellite captured this image of Wallow Fire, consuming a large section of eastern Arizona forests on June 15 at 3:54 pm EDT. In this false-colored image burn scars appear in red and ongoing fire in bright red. Vegetation is colored green, smoke is colored blue and bare ground is tan-colored. Source: USGS.

Wallow Fire Summary:

  • Size: 500,409 acres total
  • Percent Contained: 38%
  • Location: Apache, Navajo, Graham, and Greenlee counties; White Mountain Apache Reservation; San Carlos Apache Reservation, Ariz.; Catron County, N.M.
  • Injuries to Date: 11
  • Total Personnel: 4,152, including 19 hotshot crews; 64 handcrews
  • Commercial Property: 473 threatened; 4 destroyed
  • Outbuildings: 1,216 threatened; 36 destroyed; 1 damaged
  • Vehicles: 1 destroyed

Wallow Fire Evacuations

Source: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests’ photostream

Public Safety Issues

  • Smoke from the ongoing wildfires in AZ will continue to impact southwestern NM.
  • Apache County is in contact with local Fire Departments to begin the process of staging sandbag locations in anticipation of the monsoon season. Burned areas can produce significantly more run-off resulting in flooding, mud and debris flows. More information will be provided as locations are confirmed.

Current Evacuations

  • Luna, NM was evacuated as of 3:15 p.m. today.
  • Evacuations remain in effect in Sunrise, Greer and Blue River.

Evacuee Information

  • An evacuation center is open at the High School in Reserve, NM for Luna residents.
  • 10 a.m. daily evacuee meetings will be held at the former Evacuation Center at Blue Ridge High School.
  • Arizona evacuees whose Post Office is closed may pick up their mail at the Eagar Post Office.

Pre-Evacuation Alert

  • A pre-evacuation alert continues in Apache County for Greens Peak, Hidden Meadows Lodge and surrounding areas.
  • Residents in these communities are asked to remain prepared for evacuation.

Horseshoe Two Fire
(Posted on June 18, 2011, at 9:15 p.m.) The Horseshoe Two fire is 210,331 acres and is estimated to be 75 percent contained.

Fire Summary

  • Size: 210,331 acres
  • Percent Contained: 75%
  • Location: Portal, Arizona
  • Total structures destroyed: 23
  • Cost to Date: $44,412,804
  • Source: Great Basin 2 Incident Management Team

Monument Fire Update

Location: Coronado National Memorial/Coronado National Forest

New Evacuations Announced as of 5:15 pm, 6/18/2011

Hard (Mandatory) Evacuation: All areas north of Hereford Rd, east of Y Lightning Rd, South of Ramsey Rd, East to San Pedro River.

Pre-Evacuation: All areas north of Ramsey Road, east of Y Lightning Rd. south of Buffalo Soldier Trail/Lower Ranch Road to the San Pedro River.

Pre-Evacuation Areas:
Most Current Alert: Cochise County Sheriff’s Office Information Alert

Fire Summary

  • Size: 20,956 acres
  • Percent Contained: 27%
  • Location: 4 Miles east of Hereford, Az
  • Current Weather
    • Temperature: 96 degrees
    • Humidity: 7%

Track Fire, NM

  • Date of Origin: Monday June 27th, 2011 approx. 11:00 AM
  • Location: 1 Mile North of Raton, NM
  • Size: 27,140 acres
  • Percent Contained: 45%
  • Current Weather
    • Wind Conditions: 20 G/35 mph SW
    • Temperature: 84 degrees
    • Humidity: 14%

New Mexico:


North Carolina: Pains Bay Fire
Texas: Dos Amigos FIRE

Honey Prairie Complex

  • Size; 231,018 Acres
  • Contained: 54%
  • Click HERE for additional info

Texas Initial Attack 2011

  • West Texas total: 251 fires for 24,073 acres. New: 10. New acres: 385.
  • East Texas total: 776 fires for 10,846 acres. New: 13. New acres: 175.

Florida: Bicy Oil Pad Fire Complex

  • Cause: Lightning
  • Location: Big Cypress National Preserve (FL)
  • Size: 9,500 acres

A new start – the Corral Fire – occurred on Thursday, June 16, 2011 increasing the number of active fires within the complex to five. A map of approximate locations of active fires posted at

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Monument Fire Explodes

Posted by feww on June 18, 2011

Monument Fire grows by 100% in 10 hrs;  Gov Brewer declares emergency

Current size: 19,335 acres [17, 2011 at 1:45 pm MST]
Containment: 15% (dropped from 17%)

About 2,000 families have so far been evacuated as the fire forces closure of Highway 92, reports said.

(Posted June 17, 2011 at 1:45 pm MST) All residents in the area of the Monument Fire are encouraged to make advanced arrangements for livestock and large animals to be moved, which will allow an evacuation process to run more smoothly if necessary.

  • Date of Origin: Sunday June 12th, 2011 approx. 01:16 PM
  • Location: Palominas Fire District
  • Size: 19,335 acres
  • Percent Contained: 15%
  • Fuels Involved: Short grass, drought stressed mixed conifer, chaparral, and brush.
  • Fire Behavior: Extreme fire behavior with sustained runs,medium spotting, and flame lengths in excess of 20 to 30 feet.
  • Growth Potential: Extreme
  • Terrain Difficulty: Extreme
  • Temperature: 92 degrees
  • Humidity: 12%
  • State of Emergency exists in Cochise County

Other Details

Pre-Evacuation Areas: East of Highway 92: Ramsey Road north to Camino Principal and east to Campobello

Fire Location: Now coming down Miller Canyon closing in on Highway 92/ potentially crossing at that location


  • Ash Canyon, Hunter Canyon, Stump Canyon (both upper and lower), Turkey Track, will remain closed until further notice.
  • Highway 92 closed at Ramsey Road on the north and Palominas Road on the south. All traffic coming from Bisbee to Sierra Vista DO NOT USE Highway 92. All traffic going to Bisbee from Sierra Vista DO NOT USE Highway 92.
  • Ramsey Road is closed at Moson Road
  • Ramsey Road is closed at Hargis Ranch Road


As of 2:30  PM (MST) on June 17  evacuations are underway at the following:

  • West side of Highway 92 on Yaqui west to Calle Matate / north to Choctaw Drive / east to Highway 92. Assisting with the evacuations today are members of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, Pima County Sheriff’s Office, Graham County Sheriff’s Office, and Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.  (Source: Northern Rockies Incident Management Team)


“Officials said the update on the fire’s toll is 47 burned homes and 14 out-buildings destroyed in the Coronado National Forest near Sierra Vista.” Source

Wallow Fire Update

  • Size: 495,016 acres total [official estimate]
  • Containment: 38%
  • Location: Apache, Navajo, Graham, and Greenlee
  • Injuries to Date: 10
  • White Mountain Apache Reservation, San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona; Catron County, New Mexico
  • Total Personnel: 4,418
  • Residences: 2,714 threatened; 32 destroyed;
  • 5 damaged
  • Commercial Property: 473 threatened; 4 destroyed
  • Outbuildings: 1,216 threatened; 36 destroyed; 1 damaged
  • Vehicles: 1 destroyed.

Wallow Fire false-color image taken on June 15, 2011 by the Landsat 5 satellite. “The slightly blue blur is smoke, and dots of bright orange-red on the south side of the burn are active fires. Unburned forest is green, and sparsely vegetated land is pink.” Source: NASA-EO. Click image to enlarge. Download largest image (3 MB, JPEG)

Horseshoe Two  Fire – The Expensive Blaze

(Posted June 17, 2011 at 9:40 pm MST) The Horseshoe Two Fire is burning on the Coronado National Forest near Portal, Ariz.

  • Size: 206,314 acres
  • Containment: 70%
  • Date started: May 8, 2011
  • Number of Personnel: 1,284
  • Total structures destroyed: 23
  • Cost to Date: $43,271,795
  • Source: Great Basin 2 Incident Management Team


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