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Total’s “Well from Hell” Forces Air and Sea Exclusion Zone

Posted by feww on March 27, 2012

It may take 6 months to stop North Sea poisonous gas cloud: Total

TOTAL E&P UK has confirmed that the gas leak at the Elgin Well Head Platform remains ongoing. The oil giant has also confirmed the presence of an oil sheen on the water near the  platform.

Both TOTAL and SHELL have evacuated hundreds of workers aboard the Elgin rig as well as two nearby rigs operated by SHELL.

So far there are no reports of injuries, but explosive natural gas has been observed bubbling under the Elgin platform.

“Shipping was ordered to come no closer than two miles from the Elgin platform and aircraft no nearer than three miles if they flew lower than 4,000 feet – effectively shutting out helicopters but not affecting airline traffic,” said a report.

TOTAL’s Titanic?

Elgin/Franklin is a high pressure/temperature (HP/HT) development in the Central Craben Area of the North Sea’s UK sector, about 240km (149 miles) east of Aberdeen. Average daily production for the Elgin and Franklin fileds is around 230,000 barrels of oil equivelant.  Elgin/Franklin comprises two wellhead platforms, one on Elgin and one on Franklin and a Production/Utilities/Quarters (PUQ) platform. The PUW is on the Elgin field and is linked to the Elgin wellhead platform by a 90-metre bridge and to Franklin by an inter-field pipeline bundle.  Hydrocarbons produced from the Elgin, Franklin, Glenelg and West Franklin fields are collected, separated and treated at the central processing facility on the PUQ. Liquid hydrocarbons are exported through the BP-operated Forties Pipeline System via Cruden Bay to Kinneil for processing and commercial quality gas compressed and exported through the SEAL (Shearwater Elgin Area Line) pipeline to Bacton in Norfolk. (Source: TOTAL website)

The Elgin well (field) on which the platform sits, lies about 150 miles east of the city of Aberdeen in Scotland and is dubbed “the well from hell” by a Norwegian environmentalist who believes the well is “out of control.”

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