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State of Emergency Declared in New Mexico

Posted by feww on June 20, 2012

NM governor declares state of emergency due to flood potential from wildfires

Gov. Martinez has declared a State of Emergency throughout the State of New Mexico due to the enhanced flood potential caused by severe wildfires.

Wildland fires significantly reduce vegetation and soil absorption of monsoonal rains, especially in terrain that increases the risk of flooding, the governor’s office said in a statement.

“Already this year, we have seen two record-setting fires that have destroyed property and damaged terrain,” Governor Martinez said. “The burn scars left from last year and those from this year make flooding a very real possibility and we must make every effort to mitigate that threat in order to keep New Mexicans safe. This emergency declaration will make it easier for state officials to work with local authorities to employ measures that could reduce flood damage.”

The Whitewater-Baldy Fire in the Gila National Forest continues to burn and is the State’s largest recorded fire at 296,980, as of posting. The Little Bear Fire in Lincoln County has already consumed 39,458 acres and 254 structures—the largest number of structures destroyed by wildfire in New Mexico history.

Wildfires in 2011 consumed more than one million acres within NM, which makes even moderate rainfall in burned areas causing much greater than average runoff, the statement said.

Current Evacuations: All campgrounds west of Bonito Lake; Angus and Bonita Park.


The High Park Fire in Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests / Pawnee National Grassland has grown to about 60,000 acres, destroying at least 189 homes, USFS said.

The blaze has an EXTREME growth potential in HIGH terrain difficulty, with strong west winds combined with a very dry air mass resulting in critical fire weather conditions again today, USFS said.

Evacuation Information

Mandatory evacuation and re-evacuation orders have been issued for dozens of locations affecting thousands of residents.

The following information is provided by Inciweb

PRE-evacuation notifications sent to residents along Colorado Highway 14 from the Pingree Park Road at 9:30 a.m. this morning, west to Glen Echo (mile marker 90), and north on CR69 to Goodell Corner. The pre-evacuation notice was issued in response to a new spot fire north of Highway 14 along the northwest fire perimeter.

Mandatory re-evacuation orders were issued on 6/17 for the Soldier Canyon and Mill Canyon areas. This includes Lodgepole Drive and CR 23 west and south including Red Cedar Drive, and east to CR 23.

Mandatory evacuation orders were issued on 6/17 for residents in the Hewlett Gulch subdivision area. The area runs from the Glacier View 9-12 filings (already evacuated) east to the Hewlett Gulch Trail, north to CR 74E and south to HWY 14.

Cloudy Pass residents were allowed to return home as of noon 6/15 (no credentials required). Residents in the Poudre Canyon up to Gateway park area (east of Gateway) were also allowed to return on 6/15.

Thursday fire officials issued an evacuation order for the 9th, 10th and 11th filings of Glacier View, to include the area west from Eiger Road to Rams Horn Mountain Road and north from the Mount Blanc Guardian Peak area to the north end of Mount Everest Drive. Fire officials also ordered evacuations of 80 residences along Many Thunders Road and south into the 12th Filing of Glacier View. Roads included in this evacuation include Meadow Mountain Drive, Little Bald Mountain Court, Grey’s Peak Court, Diamond Peak Court, Little Twins Court, Red Mountain Court, Pingree Hill Court, Rabbit Ears Court, Bullrock Court and Black Mountain Court. The road block will be located at Eiger and Many Thunders Mountain Road. An additional roadblock is located at Green Mountain Drive at CR 74E.

CR 74E remains open and a pre-evacuation alert remains in effect for the rest of Glacier View subdivision (including the area north of CR 74E), and the area south of CR 74E between Hewlett Gulch Road to the east and CR 68C to the west and HWY 14 to the south.

Evacuated residents looking to evacuate animals must contact the humane society at 226-3647. Again, do not show up at road blocks to attempt to gain access to care for or evacuate animals.

Evacuation orders remain in place for the following areas:

-Pingree Park Road, Hourglass and Comanche reservoirs, east on Buckhorn Road up to and including Pennock Pass, NE to junction with Stove Prairie and Hwy 14; West to junction with Highway 15 and Pingree Park Road

-County Road 44H (Buckhorn Road) from County Road 27 to Pennock Pass and residents to the south approximately 3/4 – 1 mile.

-Areas south and west of Bellvue to include the Lory State Park area, the Redstone Canyon area and Buckhorn Road up to the Stove Prairie School.

-Poudre Canyon from MM111 to MM118 on Highway 14. This means Poudre Canyon from Stove Prairie to MM118 is under mandatory evacuations.

-The area between CR 27E and Stove Prairie Road and south through the entire Rist Canyon area including Davis Ranch Road, Whale Rock Road.

-South on County Road 44H 3 miles to just north of Stringtown Gulch Road, Paradise Park Road, Moose Horn Lane, Magic Lane and Spencer Mountain Road.

-Old Flowers Road from Stove Prairie Road to the 8000-block of Old Flowers Road.

-Stove Prairie Road north along County Road 27 to Highway 14, east along Highway 14 to approximately mile marker 111, southeast to Rist Canyon Fire Station 1, then back west to to include Wilderness Ridge Way, Rist Creek Road, Spring Valley Road and County Road 41 and all of the roads that run off of it.

– Otter Road off of CR 27 (not a new notice; additional listing for clarification).

-Hewlett Gulch, King’s Canyon area and Boyd Gulch Road.

-Satanka Cove

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Mysterious Outbreak of E. coli in 6 States

Posted by feww on June 9, 2012

E. coli outbreak NOT related to contaminated food: CDC

E. coli bacteria is linked to 14 illnesses, including one death, spread across 6 states.  Georgia has so far reported 5 cases, Louisiana 4, including a child’s death, Alabama 2, with one case each in Tennessee, Florida and California.

The source of outbreak, which occurred in April and May, has NOT been identified, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported.

Shiga-like toxin-producing Escherichia coli. Image Courtesy of the Helmholtz Center for Research on Infectious Diseases.

Transmission electron micrograph of E. coli O157:H7 showing flagella. Pseudoreplica technique. Photo Credit: Elizabeth H. White, M.S.; Content: CDC/ Peggy S. Hayes

See also:

“During the past decade, the emergence of drug-resistant E. coli has dramatically increased. As a consequence, the management of [urinary tract infections] UTIs, which was previously straightforward, has become more complicated; the risks for treatment failure are higher, and the cost of UTI  treatment is increasing,” said a report.

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Other Global Disasters, Significant Events

  • New Mexico, USA.  Gov. Martinez has declared state of emergency in Catron County, where the largest wildfire in state’s history,  Gila National Forest wildfire (Whitewater Baldy Complex fire), has consumed about 275,000 acres, with less than a third contained.
    • The blaze is currently the largest active fire in the United States.
    • The fire was sparked by lightning on Wednesday May 16th, 2012.
    • The fire has a HIGH growth potential, with air temperatures exceeding 78ºF and humidity reported at less than 3 percent.
  • Russia. The authorities in Russia’s southern Stavropol region have declared a state of emergency in 8 districts amid severe  drought.
    • Drought has forced the authorities in Rostov also to declare a state of emergency in 3 districts.
  • Idaho, USA. Bonner County has declared a third state of emergency so far this year.  Heavy rain and high waters have flooded several areas washing out roads.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland.  The legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Scotland has grown to at least 74 confirmed and suspected cases.
    • One person has  died, at least 14 are in intensive care, and 44 others are hospitalized or receiving outpatient treatment.
    • Age of confirmed cases is between 33 and 76.
    • Meantime, a Scotish distillery, North British Whiskey Co.,  has closed down its cooling towers and halted production,  a report said.
    • The site in Wheatfield Road is close to the building site where the outbreak claimed its first fatality last week.

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State Of Disaster Declared in Michigan Counties

Posted by feww on May 26, 2012

Fast-moving wildfire consumes 23,000 acres in Michigan

Luce and Schoolcraft counties in Upper Peninsula were declared disaster areas, while an outdoor burning ban was issued for 49 Michigan counties.

Many homes and several tourist destinations in Lake Superior State Forest have been evacuated in the region, as a fast moving wildfire called Duck Lake Fire consumes about 23,000 acres in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, destroying scores of structures including vacation homes.

“The whole sky is just smoke,” said Beverly Holmes, Newberry village manager, who was driving on a highway east of town, AP reported. “It’s like a heavy fog.”

The fire is threatening a resort in Pike Lake area.

A second blaze at the Seney National Wildlife Refuge in neighboring Schoolcraft County, which was also sparked by lightning, had consumed about 4,000 acres of forest and wetland, as of posting.

Other Wildfires

  • Florida, USA.   “A wildfire that is burning in Orlando blew heavy smoke near the busy hotel and attractions district of Walt Disney world at the start of the busy Memorial Day weekend,” a report said.
  • New Mexico, USA.  The massive Whitewater-Baldy blaze ( Gila Wilderness blaze), which has destroyed more than 2 dozen cabins and outbuilding in the Willow Creek Subdivision, Gila National forest, has grown to about 90,000 acres.
    • The nearby town of Mogollon is under a voluntary evacuation.
    • The two blazes, which merged forming the giant Gila Wilderness fire, were ignited buy lightning
  • Utah, USA.  Lightning also sparked a  large blaze near Great Salt Lake, Utah, which has consumed about 4,000 acres.
  • Nevada, USA.  Fire is still raging south of Carson City. The Topaz Ranch Estates wildfire has so far consumed about 35km²  of brush, destroying two dozen homes and outbuildings.
  • Arizona, USA.  The so-called Gladiator Fire, currently Arizona’s largest wildfire, is still raging in the Grand Canyon. The massive blaze has so far consumed about 70km²  of ponderosa pine and brush some 65km north of Phoenix. The fire prompted evacuations last week.

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