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Give US a *^%$# Break!

Posted by feww on March 25, 2014



Oil leaks into Lake Michigan from BP refinery

BP says “an unknown amount” of oil has leaked from its Indiana Whiting refinery into Lake Michigan.

BP said the leak, which resulted in the discharge of crude oil from the refinery’s cooling system, was discovered Monday afternoon.

More than a half of the lake is covered in ice, said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Save the Dunes environmental group has expressed great concern about the impact of the spill on the environment, drinking water, recreational, fishing and shipping industries, said Nicole Barker, the group’s executive director.

“This BP spill, while seemingly contained and currently under control exemplifies some of the concerns Save the Dunes has with transporting and refining oil near Lake Michigan,”said Barker.

“We are glad to see that the crews effectively responded to the spill and it is fortunate that winds were blowing in a way that pushed the oil toward the shoreline,” she said. “However, irreversible damage can be caused by spills into our waterways and it is our greatest hope that the oil was contained before causing great harm to the Lake Michigan ecosystem.”

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