Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!


FEWW Links to SoCal Fires:

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    Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product

    Download most current fire files (available in ASCII, GIS and graphic formats). This product is also available via a geospatial archive at the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC).

    The Experimental Wildfire ABBA Fire Product

    The experimental Wildfire Automated Biomass Burning Algorithm (WFABBA) is currently generating half-hourly fire data for the Western Hemisphere.The geostationary NOAA weather satellite GOES-12 provides coverage for North and South America while GOES-11 covers North America only. The WFABBA is an extension of the ABBA.

    Source: Space Science and Engineering Center – University of Wisconsin, Madison.

    GOES-11 Wildfire ABBA

    California and Nevada

    Southwestern US and Northern Mexico


    Great Plains


    Pacific Northwest

    Other Images:

    South America (GOES-12)


    8 Responses to “Wildfires”

    1. Ed. B. said

      Thomas fire becomes California’s largest wildfire on record – 2017 the most destructive fire season in the Golden State

      Thomas fire became California’s largest wildfire on record on Friday, having charred 273,400 acres across Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, and destroying 1,200 structures since it started on Dec. 4.

      Previous record was held by the 2003 Cedar fire in San Diego County, which burned 273,246 acres and destroyed 2,820 structures, killing 15 people.

      In October, wine-country fires burned about 13,000 homes and killed as many as 47 people, helping to make 2017 the most destructive fire season in CA History.

    2. JM said

      Evacuations Ordered as Wind-Driven Thomas Fire Explodes to 10,000 Acres; Homes in Santa Paula, Ventura Threatened

      Thousands of homes are under evacuation orders as a wind-driven brush fire quickly grew to at least 10,000 acres, threatening homes in Santa Paula and Ventura on Monday evening and leading to the death of at least one person, Ventura County authorities said.
      Sky5 aerial video over the scene showed that structures appeared to be threatened, and by 8:30 p.m., mandatory evacuations had been ordered for over 10,000 homes.
      More than 250,000 people were without power throughout Ventura County and Santa Barbara

      Alert: Mandatory evacuations ordered due to Thomas Fire in Santa Paula area.

      Alert Details

      Severity: Extreme – Extraordinary threat to life or property
      Urgency: Immediate – Responsive action SHOULD be taken immediately
      Certainty: Observed – Determined to have occurred or to be ongoing
      Category: General emergency and public safety
      Event: Evacuation Immediate

    3. CDP said

      Federal Fire Disasters: June – July 2016
      Montana Roaring Lion Fire (FM-5143)
      Washington South Ward Gap Fire (FM-5142)
      California Goose Fire (FM-5140)
      Nevada Virginia Mountains Fire Complex (FM-5141)
      Nevada Rock Fire (FM-5138)
      Wyoming Tokawana Fire (FM-5139)
      California Sobranes Fire (FM-5137)
      Wyoming Lava Mountain Fire (FM-5136)
      California Sand Fire (FM-5135)
      New Mexico Timberon Fire (FM-5134)
      Colorado Cold Spring Fire (FM-5133)
      California Sage Fire (FM-5132)
      California Erskine Fire (FM-5131)
      Utah Saddle Fire (FM-5130)
      California Fish Fire (FM-5129)
      California Border 3 Fire (FM-5128)
      New Mexico Dog Head Fire (FM-5127)
      Oregon Akawana Fire (FM-5126)
      Arizona Tenderfoot Fire (FM-5125)
      California Old Fire (FM-5124)

    4. An Overview of Life said

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