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2010 Disaster Calendar [SEPTEMBER]

U.S., the world, stake the future on high-energy strategies. Energy models’ simulations show all such strategies ending in collapse. EDRO

2010: Year One of Human-Enhanced Disasters

  • In the next few years, YOU or someone close to you will likely have experienced a man-made, or human-enhanced ‘natural disaster.’
  • “About 99.98 percent of human effort goes to debilitate the ecosystems. In other words, for every single step taken to restore the natural life support services, humans take 6,400 steps in the opposite direction, destroying the planet’s ability to maintain life.” EDRO

2010 Disaster Calendar

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[Note: This listing is by no means exhaustive.]

September 2010

  • Day 244 [September 1, 2010]
    • Niger. Flooding in Niger has left at least 200,000 people homeless, U.N. reported.
    • Pakistan. At least 30 civilians were among more than  60 people killed when Pakistani military jets targeted tribal areas near Afghan border, reports said.
  • Day 245 [September 2, 2010]
    • Yunnan Province, China. Death toll from a landslide in southwest China’s Yunnan Province climbed to at least 14 with another 46 reported as missing, a report said.
    • China. The official death toll from floods and landslides in China has reached 3,185 dead, with at least 1,060 missing so far  this year, China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs has said. “As of Tuesday [August 31, 2010,] about 230 million Chinese had been affected. Nearly 15.2 million people had been evacuated and 16.5 million hectares of crops had been affected [at an estimated loss of about USD51.4billion.]”
  • Day 246 [September 3, 2010]
    • South Korea. Typhoon Kompasu pummeled South Korea with strong winds and torrential rain, causing damage to many buildings and killing at least 5 people, reports said.
    • Lahore, Pakistan. Death toll from three blasts in the Pakistani city rose to 37, a report said.
  • Day 247 [September 4, 2010]
    • Christchurch, New Zealand. A powerful earthquake measuring up to 7.4Mw struck near Christchurch, New Zealand, locally known as the country’s 2nd most violent city, causing significant damage to buildings, roads and other infrastructure prompting the city mayor, Bob Parker, who described the scale of the damage as immense,to declare a state of emergency. The military/police has since imposed a curfew to prevent looters ransacking the damaged stores and offices.
    • China.  Death toll from landslide in SW China climbed to 21, with another 27 still missing, a report said.
    • Pakistan. Death toll from Pakistan suicide bombing climbed to 73, with up to 500 others injured, according to reports.
  • Day 248 [September 5, 2010]
    • Japan. Japan’s  hottest summer since records began in 1898 has claimed about 700 lives [150 deaths confirmed by govt in mid August due to heatstroke and another 496 dying from heat-related complications,] with 50,000 others hospitalized from heatstroke. A large number of farm animals have also perished from the intense heatwave.
    • Guatemala. Death toll from two major landslides in western Guatemala Saturday has risen to 21, President Alvaro Colom was reported as saying. More than a dozen others were injured, and several others reported as missing.
  • Day 249 [September 6, 2010]
    • Guatemala. Up to 50 separate landslides have hit Guatemala since Saturday, killing at least 45 people with dozens more buried, feared dead. About 500 bridges across Guatemala, including the main bridge that links the country to Honduras, have been destroyed or damaged.
    • NSW, Australia. “Parts of southern New South Wales ravaged by a violent storm have been declared a natural disaster zone by Emergency Services Minister Steve Whan,” a report said.
  • Day 250 [September 7, 2010]
    • Mogadishu, Somalia. At least 230 civilians have been killed in fighting between government forces and rebels during the past two weeks in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, the UN refugee agency said today.
    • Guatemala. Death toll in the country’s landslides climbed to 45. About 12,000 people have been evacuated and 10,000 have taken refuge in shelters, according to the local disaster agency. Heaviest rains in living memory threaten up to  50,000 people, reports said.
    • Maputo, Mozambique. Maputo death toll from rioting climbed to 13 following protest at rising food prices, Mozambique’s health minister reportedly said. “I am sorry to say that the number of deaths rose from 10 to 13. On Friday, two more lifeless bodies were taken to a Maputo hospital. One patient died last night in Maputo central hospital.”
  • Day 251 [September 8, 2010]
    • Nigeria. Death toll in Nigeria’s cholera outbreak has reached at least 781 from more than 3,000 cases, the Health Minister has said.
    • Kohat, Pakistan. Death toll in yesterday’s car bomb attack on a police building in the north-western Pakistani town of Kohat has climbed to 20, officials and news reports say.
    • Pakistan.  Official death toll from Pakistan floods has risen to 1752, a report said.
    • Colorado, USA. The Fourmile Canyon Fire has consumed nearly 8,000 acres by Tuesday evening, official have said, and is growing. Gov. Bill Ritter has declared a state of emergency as the worst fire in living memory destroyed at least 92 structures in the county, reports say.
    • Victoria, Australia. Rising flood waters threaten hundreds of homes in southeastern Victoria, Australia. Weekend storms destroyed/damaged dozens of properties with millions of dollars in damage, officials said.
  • Day 252 [September 9, 2010]
    • Mexico and Guatemala. Floods have affected about 1  million people in southern and eastern Mexico. The states of Oaxaca, Tabasco and  Veracruz are the worst hit.  At least 50 people have been killed in the regions heaviest rains, which caused extensive flooding and numerous landslides, reports said. The floods submerged at least 200,000 hectares (500,000 acres) of farmland, affecting more than 20,000 farmers. 
    • Pakistan. Flooding has destroyed about 4 million hectares (10 million acres) of farmland in Pakistan, reports say.
    • China.  Death toll from tick bites infection in Xinyang City, central China’s Henan Province, has climbed to 18 [there are at least557 reported cases,] health authorities have said.
    • Moscow, Russia. Death toll from a bomb blast in Green market on Ulitsa Zanayeva in Vladikavkaz has reached 15, with at least  80 others injured. The bustling market was ” targeted by suicide bombers as crowds rushed to buy food to celebrate the end of the Ramadan fast,” a report said.
  • Day 253 [September 10, 2010]
    • SF Bay Area, Calif. USA. A massive gas line explosion rocked San Bruno, Calif., killing at least one person, injuring dozens more, some with severe burns.  The fire also consumed scores of homes.
    • Texas, USA. Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared 40 counties as disaster areas after flooding caused by the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine, reports say. More than 15 inches of rain fell over of parts of Texas, causing extensive flooding which killed at least 5 people in the state, with two others reported as missing.
    • Oklahoma, USA. Gov. Brad Henry declared a state of emergency in 13 eastern Oklahoma counties as the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine pushed into Oklahoma bringing more than 10 inches of rain, and causing widespread flooding, a report said. At least one person was killed and a number of people injured.
    • Jakarta, Indonesia. Death toll from traffic accidents related to homegoing Eid ulFitr holidaymakers reached 144, Indonesian police reported.
    • Cameroon. A cholera outbreak in northern Cameroon has killed at least 356 people and infected 5,500 others, the country’s Public Health Ministry said.
    • COAL-BURNING power plants, USA. A new report says fine-particulate pollution (SOx and NOx) from 614 coal-burning power plants in the U.S. will have  caused more than 13,000 premature deaths, at least 20,000 heart attacks and 10,000 hospitalizations nationwide in 2010.
  • Day 254 [September 11, 2010]
    • USA. The establishment continues to perpetuate the lies of 9/11, instead of bringing the real perpetrators, the Cheney-Bush gang, to justice.
    • West Africa. Rain is spreading the cholera from Nigeria’s worst epidemic in 19 years, which has already claimed about 1,000 lives and many thousands sickened, to Cameroon, Chad and Niger, where it has killed hundreds more, reports say.  About a half of Nigeria’s 160 million population lack access to clean water and proper sanitation, WHO says.
  • Day 255 [September 12, 2010]
    • SF Bay, USA. San Bruno gas line explosion death toll climbs to seven with six others reported as missing, a report said.
    • Iran. At least 10 workers have reportedly died in hospital after sustaining extensive  burns in a gas line explosion in Iran’s northeastern province of Khorasan-e Razavi, when an excavator accidentally struck the pipeline. a report said.
    • Ghana. Death toll in northern Ghana has reached at least 17 after the neighboring state of Burkina Faso opened spillway gates to the Bagre Dam following torrential rains, the country’s relief agency (NADMO) was reported as saying.
    • India. At least 15 people have been killed and about a third of a million displaced after flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains swamped the northeastern states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, Indian officials were reported as saying.
    • Indonesia. Flash floods in central Indonesia claimed 10 lives and left at least 14 others missing, reports said.
  • Day 256 [September 13, 2010]
    • Orissa, India. Death toll from cholera in the Indian state of Orissa has climbed  to at least 140, with 35 of the casualty in worst-hit district of Rayagada. “We don’t have any source of safe drinking water. So we are forced to use water from dirty rivers and ponds. That’s why we are falling ill,” a villager was quoted as saying.
    • Philippines. Death toll from outbreaks of dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in several regions of the Philippines has rises to at least 501, a reports said.
    • Pennsylvania, USA. Some 16 counties in Pennsylvania are  declared a natural disaster area by the U.S. Department of Agriculture following  a drought that began on May 25, 2010, reports say.
  • Day 257 [September 14, 2010]
    • Mexico. Death toll from Mexico’s torrential rain and flooding has climbed to at least 25 since the end of August, according to the latest figures released by the authorities.
    • India. Death toll from encephalitis in India’s Uttar Pradesh’s (eastern region) has risen to 296 so far this year, a report said.
    • Illinois, USA. The USDA  has declared Mason County a natural disaster area flowing substantial damage to the crops caused by flooding, a report said. “In all, 55 counties in Illinois were declared to be natural disaster areas and another 37 bordering counties, including Tazewell, also qualified for disaster assistance, according to a statement released by the Illinois Farm Service Agency Thursday, leaving only 10 Illinois counties excluded.”
  • Day 258 [September 15, 2010]
    • Venezuela. Death toll from plane crash in southeast Venezuela climbed to 17  after 2 of the 36 survivors died of severe injuries, reports said.
    • Philippines. The outbreak of dengue fever in the Philippines has claimed another 33 victims, with the death toll  reaching 534, a rise of  about 40 percent compared with last year,  a report said.
  • Day 259 [September 16, 2010]

    • Alberta, Canada. Killing frosts has hit crops in northwestern Alberta and a pervasive frost was expected across the Canadian Prairies yesterday, according to a report quoting the  Canadian Wheat Board.
    • Sindh Province, Pakistan. New flooding in the province of Sindh, Pakistan has been reported with estimates of up to a million  more people having been made homeless since Sunday, according to reports. Floodwater has submerged at least 100 villages following  multiple breaches of a safety dyke at Manchhar lake, a report said.
    • Tennessee, USA. Governor Phil Bredesen says President B.O.  has authorized a major disaster declaration for 10 Tennessee counties in response to the severe storms and flooding that hit the region during August 17-21, 2010 period, a report said.
  • Day 260 [September 17, 2010]
    • Death toll from recent flooding  in Nigeria’s Sokoto and Kebbi states has reached at least 50, with 23 villages affected, of which 15 were totally submerged by the floodwater, reports say.
  • Day 261 [September 18, 2010]
    • NYC, USA. A fast-moving freak storm spawned two deadly tornadoes in NYC, damaging many properties, uprooting more than a 1,000 trees, crushing dozens of cars and killing at least one person, according to reports.
    • Moscow, Russia. Death toll from heatwave in Moscow was about 11,000, a city official told reporters.  “Overall, the city experienced 10,935 deaths linked to the extreme temperatures and stifling smog over the two months from July to August, which represents a 60 percent rise in the mortality rate,” AFP reported.
    • Indian-controlled Kashmir. Police opened fire on anti-India protesters again, killing two teens, and injuring at least four others, reports said.   The civilian death toll in the region now stands at 100, after as many days of protests.
  • Day 262 [September 19, 2010]
    • Taiwan. Typhoon FANAPI struck Taiwan as a category 3B hurricane with winds of about  200km/h, killing at least four people, ripping roofs off houses, felling trees and leaving more than 50,000 people without power. The typhoon  poured about 20cm (8 inches) of rain over Yilan and Hualien counties, causing flash floods, reports said. “According to Taiwan’s agriculture department, the island’s agriculture sector suffered about 2.1 billion New Taiwan dollars (about 66.57 million U.S. dollars) in losses,” a report said.
    • Fujian province, China. Chinese authorities have evacuated about a quarter of a million people in southeastern Fujian province, and ordered fishermen to stay away from the water, as FANAPI approaches.
  • Day 263 [September 20, 2010]
    • Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India. Unusually heavy monsoon rains have flooded hundreds of villages sweeping thousands of homes, leaving about a million people homeless and destroying about 100,000 hectares of maze, rice and sugarcane in the two neighboring sates of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, reports say.
    • The Bermudas. Hurricane IGOR pummeled the Island of Bermuda causing damage to buildings and infrastructure. However, there has been no report of casualties as of posting.
  • Day 264 [September 21, 2010]
    • Fujian and Guangdong Provinces, China. Typhoon FANAPI, which yesterday made landfall in the coastal Fujian Province, southeast China, was the 11th and strongest storm to hit China in 2010. It “brought the heaviest rains in a century to the southern Guangdong Province, triggering landslides in some cities,” a report said.  More than 550 mm of rain fell in less than 24 hours in the Shuangyao Township in Yangchun City. Flooding and landslides caused by the torrential rains have destroyed hundreds of homes, bridges, road and other infrastructure.
    • India. Death toll from monstrous monsoon rain in India reached at least 70, with about a million people left homeless.
    • Mexico.  Death toll in Mexico from flash floods and mudslides triggered by hurricane KARL has reached at least 16, reports say.
  • Day 265 [September 22, 2010]
    • China. Death toll from Typhoon FANAPI reached at least 18, with another 44 people missing, officials were reported as saying.  A dam at Xinyi city collapsed when a landslide struck it, official news agency Xinhua reported. About 100,000 people in Guangdong have been evacuated, where strong winds and torrential rains destroyed at least 2,000 homes and damaged up to 10,000 others.
    • Newfoundland, Canada. “Many communities are left isolated with road washouts, at least 39,000 people are still without power in widespread outages, flooding and wind has impacted many homes, and most schools in the Eastern School District remained closed for the day.,” a report said.
    • S. Korea. Tens of thousands of homes were flooded after a record rainstorm dumped  300 mm of rain on parts of South Korea,  highest amount for late September since records began more than 100 years ago.
  • Day 266 [September 23, 2010]
    • Guangdong province, China. Death toll from flooding and landslides caused by Guangdong province’s heaviest rain ever recorded has now reached 33 with at least 4 dozen others still missing. Up to 100,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying areas, and more than a million others have been affected by the disaster. Floodwater and landslides have destroyed some 1,500 homes and inundated at least 30,000 hectares of cropland, with economic losses estimated at about $300m, reports say.
    • Ayrshire, SW Scotland. At least 4 towns and a dozen villages have been inundated by flooding in Ayrshire, SW Scotland. The flooding has been described as “the worst case of flooding” in living memory, a report said. “The [UK] Met Office had warned of torrential downpours on Wednesday evening with the threat of localised flooding in the Glasgow area and in the west of the country.”
    • Slovenia. Torrential rains have caused extensive flooding in large parts of Slovenia, killing at least 3 people and causing more than $30m in damages, reports say.
  • Day 267 [September 24, 2010]
    • Wisconsin, USA. Governor Doyle has declared a state of emergency for Clark and Trempealeau Counties after a storm system that hit Upper Midwest caused  severe flooding; downtown Arcadia has been evacuated because of rising water; schools have been ordered to shut down, reports say.
    • Minnesota, USA. More than 25 cm (10 inches) of rain has fallen over large areas of  southern Minnesota since Wednesday causing severe flooding. Tim Pawlenty, the governor of Minnesota, has declared a state of emergency in large parts of the state, according to reports. More rain and flooding in the region is expected today.
    • South Dakota, USA. Flooding and rising water in Brookings and Flandreau has forced hundreds of people in communities across southeastern South Dakota to be evacuated, according to reports.
  • Day 268 [September 25, 2010]
    • Nigeria. At least 2 million people have been affected by flooding after the authorities opened the floodgates on Challawa and Tiga dams in the northern Nigerian Kano state. More than 5,000 villages in neighboring Jigawa state have been flooded, a report quoited the governor as saying.
    • Niger. “In neighboring Niger, millions are facing food shortages after a prolonged drought caused crops to fail. That was followed by severe flooding last month. Millions are now facing food shortages,” according to a report.
    • Wisconsin, USA. Gov. Jim Doyle has now declared a state of emergency in Wisconsin counties adding Wood, Portage, Marathon and Buffalo counties to an earlier declaration, a State Emergency Operations Center report. said.
    • Mower county, Minnesota, USA. County Commissioners have declared  a state of emergency in Mower County due to severe flooding, reports say. The lingering storm system, which has dumped more than 33cm (13 inches) of rain over a swath of southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin since Wednesday, has flooded hundreds of homes forcing residents to be evacuated; many businesses have shut down; scores of schools canceled in many communities; roads have been washed out; large segments of I-35 in the region are closed.
    • Virgin Islands.  “The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) has announced that the Purcell Estate area has been declared a disaster/emergency area. This is following Sunday´s flash flood.” Read original report.
  • Day 269 [September 26, 2010]
    • Ohio, USA. Gov. Ted Strickland has declared three southeast Ohio counties disaster areas following the devastation caused by last week’s tornadoes, reports say.
    • Uttar Pradesh, India. “Chief Minister Mayawati conducted an aerial survey of the flood-affected areas yesterday.Western Uttar Pradesh was declared a disaster-hit zone,” a report said.
    • Minnesota, USA. Austin and Mower Counties have been declared disaster areas following extensive flooding, reports say.
    • Texas, USA. Gov. Rick Perry declared 40 counties as disaster areas following  massive flooding caused by torrential rains brought from the Gulf of Mexico by Tropical Storm Hermine 2 weeks ago; however, no funds have yet been made available by FEMA, a report said.
    • New Zealand. At least half of all the new lambs [“more than 500,000”] born in the Southland region of New Zealand and many adult sheep have been perished due to last week’s blizzards, Federated Farmers president was reported as saying. [While many animals have died, the figure quoted by the Federated Farmers president may be a ploy used to raise the price of NZ lamb. Moderator]
  • Day 270 [September 27, 2010]
    • USA. U.S. researchers at University of North Texas Health Science Center say 16,000 people were killed in road accidents between 2001 to 2007 due to distraction from calling or texting on mobile phones, reports say.  It is estimated that the corresponding death toll for 2010 could be higher than the 5,870 road deaths, or 1 in 6 of all fatal vehicle crashes, which were caused by distracted driving in 2008.
    • Haiti. Death toll from a storm that struck Haiti has now risen to at least 6, with about 8,000 tent homes destroyed or damaged and hundreds of people suffering injuries, UN said..
  • Day 271 [September 28, 2010]
    • China.  Death toll from Typhoon FANAPI, which struck China last week, has now risen to at least 100 with the damage estimated at about $1billion. At least 41 people are still reported as missing,  reports say.
    • Berlin, Germany. Death toll from tourist bus crash has reached 13 with 38 others reportedly injured, many seriously. “The passengers on board the bus were employees of the forestry office in the western Polish town of Zlocieniec who were returning from a company trip to Spain with their families.”
  • Day 272 [September 29, 2010]
    • Portage County, WI, USA. “Farmers planted 30,000 acres of potatoes in Portage County this season, and the crop is already saturated because of the wet summer. He estimated the loss to potato growers just from last week’s flooding at $16 million to $20 million. When adding in the possibility of losses from a saturated crop that looks healthy but may be too wet to store and will end up rotting, the loss could be as much as $65 million.” A report said.
    • Colombia. Death toll from a large mudslide in Giraldo, located in Colombia’s northwestern Antioquia state, has reached at least 30, officials said.
    • Mexico.  Days of torrential rain caused a 220-meter-wide hill to collapse in Mexico’s Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, sending a tsunami of mud over 300 homes. At least 11 people are reported as missing, reports say.
  • Day 273 [September 30, 2010]
    • U.S. Virgin Islands. The Territory of the U.S. Virgin Islands has been declared a major disaster area by President B.O. The move follows substantial damage caused by hurricane EARL  during August 29 to 31, 2010, a report said.
    • North Carolina, USA. “Brunswick and New Hanover counties, both of which are located in the Wilmington metropolitan area, declared states of emergency after receiving more than 15 inches of rain,” a report said.
    • Kentucky, USA. A state of emergency has been declared in Carroll County, Kentucky, following extreme heat and low level of rainfall in the county in recent weeks, a report said.  “Rainfall has been low, with only one-half inch of precipitation so far this month. That is almost two inches lower than the normal rainfall level. August and July were both drier than usual, with rainfall of 2.6 inches and 1.3 inches below normal, respectively.”

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5 Responses to “2010 Disaster Calendar [SEPTEMBER]”

  1. Rich said

    the info is enlightening, overwhelming and obviously well-researched.

    Any info on the Gulf Stream current which I read has been affected by the oil spill? I saw some satellite photos showing it all broken up into pieces.

    Also, any suggestions or plans you have considered/worked out might be useful. Other than stocking up on food, water and other essentials. Do you have any concrete ideas of confronting/engaging those who are perpetuating much of this imminent collapse?

    Do you know of any organization(s) which are actively doing anything aggressively or covertly?

    • feww said

      “Other than stocking up on food, water and other essentials.”

      Hoarding didn’t (couldn’t have) help(ed) victims of ongoing disasters in China, Pakistan, India, Guatemala…

      ONLY highly ethical individuals could probably survive the looming cataclysms.

      See also:

      • Rich said

        [Your comment is misleading and the references are incorrect. Your assumptions are also wrong. Moderator]

        • Rich said

          [The Moderators noted three official–standard–pieces of disinformation in your booby-trapped comment including non-exiting weapons and the number of casualties in the Haiti quake, AND therefore decided to delete the content as it breached the Editorial Policy. As for the rest of the comment, you’re confusing the atrocities committed by the people like those you PROBABLY work for against the poor, with crimes of human race against nature. Moderator]

          [P.s. You don’t know who are readers are, and NO, we don’t do ‘blind dates.’]

  2. Jay Daniels said

    This is reference to day 247, Christchurch New Zealand.

    You refer to Christchurch as The “2nd most violent city” in New Zealand. […]

    [Edited for brevity. See link provided. Moderator]

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