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Army Worms Destroy Liberia’s Crops

Posted by feww on January 20, 2009

Army worms have decimated Liberia’s crops and vegetation and polluted creeks and running water with their feces

West African state of Liberia declared a state of emergency on Sunday after swarms of army worms decimated crops and vegetation and polluted creeks and running water with their feces in its food-producing district of  Zota in Bong County [bordering Guinea,] said the Ministry of Agriculture.

Fall Armyworm – Spodoptera frugiperd.

“We are calling for international assistance to combat these insects. They have affected over 19 villages in Bong county,” Agriculture Minister Christopher Toe said.

The worms have also  infested homes and other buildings searching for food, local residents said.

Army worms, also known as fall army worm (Spodoptera frugiperda), are the caterpillar life stage of the noctuid or Owlet moth and can grow to about 5 centimeters  in length. The worms are pests and can destroy entire swathes of  crops, if left to multiply.

Army worms take their name from their eating habits; they are among the most destructive pests to crops and vegetation in the world. Once they exhaust one food source, an entire “army” of worms moves to another food source.

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