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It’s Not Local, It’s Strictly Global Business!

Posted by feww on July 17, 2009

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Glorious Globalization

Hazardous Waste from UK Dumped in Brazil

Crash course on Win-Win Business formula for entrepreneurial companies and developing countries.

1. Hospitals (health authorities) and other  industries in developed countries save lots of money by contracting out their hazardous waste disposal to “waste lieutenants” [“entrepreneurial” companies with no expert knowledge of waste disposal.] No questions asked.

2. The waste lieutenants make lots of money by outsourcing the disposal. [They simply ship them over to developing countries, were it is disposed of for a few dollars per ton.] No questions asked.

3. Shipping companies ask no questions! The bottom line is staying in business, whatever the moral cost.

4. The receiving agents often dump the hazardous waste in municipal dumps, or in any old quarry, mineshaft, dump they can find. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

5. The government in the exporting countries show concern whenever the news breaks out.

Brazil discovers 64 containers with 1,400 tonnes of hazardous UK waste shipped to three of its ports

Brazilian police said they found batteries, condoms, nappies and syringes among the waste which was shipped in illegally.

In a further discovery they found 25 containers with hospital waste from England.

hazardous hospital waste
Hazardous Hospital Waste. Source www. Image may be subject to copyright.

“The finds were made in the port of Santos near to Sao Paulo and two other ports in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.” BBC reported.

“The authorities say they fear it may represent an attempt to use South America’s largest country as a dumping ground for hazardous waste in the way that has happened in other parts of the world, including Africa.”

“Public resentment over the issue increased when it was revealed that inside one of the containers was a collection of dirty toys with a note in Portuguese saying they should be washed before being given to ‘poor Brazilian children.'”

A third batch of containers were also discovered which reportedly included bags full of blood, and other dangerous hospital waste.

“Five companies have already been fined in Brazil but lawyers for the importers say they were deceived and believed they were being sent plastic for recycling.”

The authorities in Brazil suspect that two UK companies are involved in the export of hazardous waste.

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US Gov Releases Intelligence Images of Arctic Ice

Posted by feww on July 17, 2009

The United States gov releases spy images of Arctic ice

The United States gov has released about  1,000 intelligence images of Arctic ice soon after the National Academy of Sciences said they could help researchers make up a clearer picture of the impact of climate change.

East Siberian Sea (Preview Gallery 2008). Source: GFL – Image ID: esiber_20080609_1

A total of about 1,200 images taken from six  sites around the Arctic Ocean, and22 sites in the United States, are posted online at

Chuckchi Sea (Preview Gallery 2008). Source: GFL – Image ID:chuckchi_20080612_1

“The Arctic images have a resolution of about 1 yard (1 meter), a vast improvement on previously available pictures of sea ice, said Thorsten Markus of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.”

“These are one-meter-resolution images, which give you a big picture of the summertime Arctic,” Reuters reported Markus as saying on Thursday. “This is the main reason why we are so thrilled about it. One meter resolution is the dimension that’s missing.”

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