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Next Mutations of SBV May Be Even Deadlier

Posted by feww on May 8, 2012

Schmallenberg Virus: “This is a warning to the whole world”

Schmallenberg virus is a new front in human’s losing war against the unknown. “This is a warning to the whole world,” said Alberto Laddomada, head of the European Commission’s Animal Health Unit.

The European Center of Disease Prevention and Control says it is “unlikely” that SBV could infect humans; however, the possibility “cannot be excluded at this stage.”

The numbers of reported SBV infections across Europe are peaking as the lambing season finishes; however, the next wave of SBV attack could prove even deadlier due to the unpredictability of viral mutations.

  • Germany.  Some 1,389  farms across Germany had reported animals testing positive for the virus as of May 7, 2012, including 78 new farms.
  • France.  France has reported infections on 1,412 farms, including 45 new cases since last week.
  • Belgium.  Some 477  farms had reported SBV by May 2, 2012, including 33 new farms from a week earlier.
  • Netherlands.  At least 331 farms have reported SBV  as of May 4, 2012.
  • U.K. As of May 8, some 256 UK farms have reported SBV: 36 in cattle and 220 in sheep (5 new farms since April 27, 2012).
  • Luxemburg, Spain, Italy and other European countries. No reliable statistics available!

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