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Tens of Millions of People in China Affected by Extreme Weather Events

Posted by feww on August 18, 2015

Floods kill 252 people, leave 55 missing, cost China $18.4 billion so far this year

Deadly floods have affected about 59.32 million people in 29 provincial regions across China, causing direct economic losses of 117.6 billion yuan (18.4 billion U.S. dollars), according to the latest figures released by the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the official Xinhua news reported.

The report did not reveal the number of people that have been displaced across the affected regions. However, Fire-Earth Disaster Models show an average of one person is displaced for every  25  people affected by extreme weather events in China.

The provinces of Fujian, Jiangsu and Zhejiang were the most severely affected areas, said the report.

More than 1 million affected in NW China drought

Drought has affected more than a million people in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, said the regional authorities, according to a report.

About 1.05 million people in 12 areas have been short of drinking water since May. “More than half these people are in need of basic supplies while 450,000 are short of drinking water.”

Drought has damaged at least 170,000 hectares of cropland, totally destroying some. “Autumn harvest yields in the region are expected to be greatly reduced.”

“The drought has also left 720,000 livestock short of drinking water, resulting in economic losses of about 500 million yuan (78.2 million U.S.dollars),” according to the report.

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Ten U.S. States Reporting Major Wildfires

Posted by feww on August 18, 2015

Wildfires Plaguing Western and Southern United States

States of Emergency have been declared in Idaho and Montana due to the destructive wildfires.

At least 80 active large fires are currently burning more than 1.1 million acres across ten States: California (14), Colorado (1), Idaho (14), Louisiana (1), Montana (11), North Carolina (2), Nevada (1), Oregon (11), Texas (5) and Washington (20), reported NIFC.

“Residents in many western states have been evacuated from their homes as hot, dry, and windy conditions have caused several large fires to burn actively. Currently, more than 25,000 people are supporting wildfires, including 41 Incident Management Teams and 2 Area Command Teams.”

Year-to-date statistics [NIFC]

2015 (1/1/15 – 8/17/15) Fires: 40,509 – Acres: 6,969,074 [breaks 11-year record]

Annual average prior 10 years

(2005-2014) Fires: 49,400 – Acres: 4,809,886

[Caution: The stats provided by NIFC have previously proved to be incomplete, erroneous and unreliable. See related blog entries since 2007.]

The Federal government has proclaimed 8 additional Fire Management Assistance Declarations, as follows:

  • Idaho Municipal Fire (FM-5105)
  • Washington Okanogan County Fire Complex (FM-5104)
  • Washington Stevens County Fire Complex (FM-5103)
  • Oregon Canyon Creek Fire Complex (FM-5102)
  • Washington Stickpin Fire (FM-5101)
  • Washington Reach Fire Complex (FM-5100)
  • Idaho Clearwater Lawyer Branch Fire Complex (FM-5099)
  • Washington Nine Mile Fire (FM-5098)

Excessive Heat Warning

An excessive heat warning remains in effect throughout Wednesday for Southern Nevada, Southeastern California and Northwestern Arizona. Expected Temperatures: 109-112 in the Las Vegas Valley, 112-117 in the Colorado River Valley, and 120-125 in Death Valley, reported NWS.

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