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Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster – Oil Leak Estimate

Posted by feww on May 15, 2010

How Much Oil is Leaking?

The short answer: LOTS!

Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster. A freeze frame of the oil leak video supplied by the BP showing only one of at least two separate oil leaks.
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As to whether the leak is closer to 5,000 barrels per day (bpd) or 25,000 bpd, here’s an estimate we prepared earlier:

  • Diameter of the ruptured pipe seen gushing oil on BP video: 53cm (21 inches)
  • Cross-sectional area of the pipe: 2,233cm²
  • Fire-Earth estimate of oil and gas flow:  50cm/sec [Simplified model of crude leak calculates the flow rate as the height of a cylinder filled every second.]
  • Volume of crude oil and natural gases released: 111,672cm³s-1
  • Number of seconds in each day: 86, 400 sec
  • Crude oil escaping from the pipe as a percentage of all materials: 90 percent [Fire-Earth estimate]
  • Volume of oil escaping into GOM: 8 million liters per day (rounded down to nearest million)
    • Amount of oil escaped: 2 million U.S. Gallons per day (rounded down to nearest million), or 50,000bpd
    • Escaped oil calculated at a generous margin of error of 50 percent:  25,000bpd


1. According to earlier reports  at least two separate leaks remain on seafloor the second of which is not shown on the BP video.
2. A reader who claimed to be an oil industry insider contacted one of the blog Moderators saying diameter of the drill pipe that enters top of the well is 6 inches (15cm). That means the oil flows nearly 4 times faster in the drill pipe than it does in the 21-inch riser-pipe.  It does NOT affect Fire-Earth estimate significantly.

Next Major Oil Disaster?

Probability of another major disaster occurring in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico between now and December 2011 : >90 percent [Fire-Earth Forecast]

For additional details see Gulf of Mexico: A Waiting Disaster and

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    [Thanks for the suggestion. The best people to send it to would be the BP executives. They might find it useful. Moderator.]

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