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Tropical Cyclone Phet – Latest Satellite Images

Posted by feww on June 5, 2010

Tropical Cyclone Phet Weakens, Nears Pakistan-Iran Border Region

Cyclone Phet, IR Image (2-km res). Source: CIMSS – Click images to enlarge.

Estimated Location on June 5, 2010 at 02:00UTC: 24.0N, 60.6E

Visible image of Tropical Cyclone Phet captured by NASA’s Terra satellite  on June 4 at 06:40 UTC (2:40 a.m. EDT) showed the lack of an eye, indicating that the storm had weakened after making landfall in Oman. Source: NASA Goddard/MODIS. Click image to enlarge.

An infrared image of Cyclone Phet captured by NASA’s AIRS instrument on the Aqua satellite on June 4 at 09:47 UTC. Phet”s center (yellow circle) is seen leaving the Oman. Purple in the center shows the high cold thunderstorms surrounding the center, where the temperatures are as cold as -53 Celsius (-63 Fahrenheit). Source: NASA JPL

Cyclone Phet caused massive flooding in Muscat, pounding the capital with winds gusts of more than 210 km/hr (130 mph), killing at least 2 people, and halting Oman’s oil and gas production.

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One Response to “Tropical Cyclone Phet – Latest Satellite Images”

  1. ynotoman said

    fortunately the impact of Phet was far less than Guno

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