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Snow Storm Buries South Island, New Zealand

Posted by feww on June 23, 2013

“Many Sheep and Cattle Won’t Survive the Snow”

A record-breaking snow storm has dumped more than 2m of snow on Maniototo Plain, New Zealand, making parts of Otago region no-go zones,  raising fears that stock won’t survive the extreme weather.

“This is the biggest snow dump we’ve had, ever,”said a local farmer, a young calf may not survive the night with temperatures falling as  low as -12ºC.

The extreme weather’s has now persisted for five days, and some of the sheep and cattle just won’t survive, said a report.

Sheep isolated in snow SI-NZNZ
Still frame from NZ’s TV1 News coverage of the storm that hit most of New Zealand on 20/21 June 2013 – See below for the full video clip.

The storm also lashed the capital Wellington, causing “tens of millions of dollars” in insured damages alone, said the Insurance Council of New Zealand.

Severe gales with winds of up to 200km/h struck Wellington, lifting roofs, felling trees and closing roads.

“More than $36 million of insured damage was caused by a storm that lashed the country in late April. That was one of the most damaging storms in the past five years and the Nelson and Bay of Plenty regions were the most affected,” said a report.

“I expect the damage from this storm will be more than that,” said the Insurance Council.

“Flooding was also reported in the Canterbury townships of Leeston, Doyleston, Southbridge, Tai Tapu and Lincoln and there were slips in Otago and Lyttelton.” NZN reported.

Heavy rain and sleet since Wednesday has triggered the worst flooding in decades in the Canterbury region, submerging farms, houses and businesses, and the rain continues to fall, said the report.

TV1 News coverage of the storm that hit most of New Zealand on 20/21 June 2013 bringing heavy snow to the South Island and severe gales to Wellington.


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