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Typhoon SOULIK to Dump 6 Billion Tons of Rain on Taiwan

Posted by feww on July 13, 2013

SOULIK Dumping an estimated 6 billion tons of rain on Taiwan Region

FIRE-EARTH estimates Typhoon SOULIK will have dumped at least 6 billion tons of precipitation on Taiwan region.

  • Such tremendous amount of precipitation over  a short period of time could cause catastrophic flash floods and potentially deadly landslides.

soulik 13 july 13Typhoon SOULIK – MTSAT Funktop IR satellite image enhancement – July 13, 2013 @ 00:32UTC. Funktop enhancement highlights intense areas of precipitation. Source: NOAA/SSD

High Probability of Landslides

Taiwan authorities have warned about potential disaster in the areas most prone to landslides.

“The central region of Taiwan has experienced two earthquakes with magnitude six or above on 27 March and 2 June, loose soil after seismic activities are potential disaster areas under heavy rainfall,” they warned in a statement.

China Landing

SOULIK is expected to make  landfall in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces on the Chinese mainland on Saturday PM, the local forecasters said.

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