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“Take Your Essentials Belongings and Pets and GO NOW”

Posted by feww on August 18, 2013

Raging wildfire threatens Idaho resort towns; thousands of homes evacuated

The Beaver Creek Fire, which was ignited by lightning on August 7, has exploded to more than 92,000 acres (373km²) and is burning northwest of Hailey in the Sawtooth National Forest, threatening the towns of Ketchum, Sun Valley and Hailey, officials said.

Resources threatened by the massive blaze include homes, power transmission lines, Highway 75, ski areas and scenic recreational trails and camp grounds.

[NOTE: The town of Ketchum is adjacent to Sun Valley with a combined population of about 4,500. Hailey has a population of about 8,500.]


Take your essentials belongings and pets and GO NOW: Galena Summit south to North Fork (SNRA Headquarters) on both sides of Hwy 75 including Easley. (Does not include Galena Lodge) Glassford Heights North to SNRA on both sides of Hwy 75 including Fox Creek, Eagle Creek, Chocolate Gulch and North Fork Trailer Park Hospital bridge south up to and including all East Fork on both sides of Highway including Broadway Run Greenhorn Gulch, Golden Eagle, and Timber Gulch south down to Treasure Lane west of Hwy 75 All Indian Creek, Ohio Gulch, and Heatherlands (includes Valley Club) All Deer Creek from the Hwy 75 west Treasure Lane south to including Aspen Lakes west of Hwy 75 (does not include Northridge) Croy Creek Canyon from Big Wood Bridge west If you are physically unable to evacuate call 911All Services to these evacuated areas will be discontinued.

You will not be allowed to re-enter the area until the danger has passed. You will be notified by Alert and this website when it is safe to return. Check back here for updates. All public lands from Galena Summit south the the SNRA Headquarters are closed on both sides of Hwy 75. Additionally public lands north of Hwy 20 to Galena Summit are closed west of Hwy 75. CURRENT PRE-EVACUATION AREAS Lake Creek south to hospital bridge on both sides of Hwy 75 . This includes Warm Springs and the Cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley Residents of Hailey west of River Street including Queen of the Hills Drive, Sherwood Forest and Della View Subdivision (Does not include Albertson’s) Begin preparations now so that you can leave immediately should conditions deteriorate. Maintain situational awareness. If you are in danger,

DO NOT WAIT for a Evacuation Order. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY Residents in Pre-Evacuation zones with no means of transportation or who are physically unable to evacuate on their own, should ask a neighbor or call (208)578-3367 Please be aware that officers may be unable to go door to door for these pre-evacuation notifications as our resources are tied up with mandatory evacuations in other areas at this time. Services to your area may be discontinued during this Pre-Evacuation time. HIGHWAY 75 is open at this time. Please check back here for the latest evacuation and road closure updates as the situation is changing fast.

Beaver Creek Fire

Deer Creek-Greenhorn Area on Friday Aug 16- 2013
Deer Creek/Greenhorn Area on Friday, Aug 16, 2013. The fire making a run to the river between Deer Creek and Greenhorn on Friday. Credit: Sawtooth National Forest/ USFS

  • Cause: Lightning
  • Size: 92,754 acres
  • Percent Contained: 9%
  • Location northwest of Hailey Idaho
  • Date of Origin: Wednesday August 07th, 2013 approx. 12:00 AM
  • Total Personnel 1,066
  • Growth Potential: Extreme
  • Terrain Difficulty: Extreme
  • Current Weather
  • Wind Conditions: 7-15 g 30 mph SW
  • Temperature: 90 degrees
  • Humidity: 8%
  • Fire Behavior: Fire was active on all Branches through the night. Fire under inversion until 12:30 p.m., then extreme fire behavior with active surface runs and long range crown fire through drought-stressed fuels. All fuels receptive to spotting.
  • Significant Events: Evacuation of Croy and westside of Hailey during the early morning hours. Highway 75 from Hailey to Ketchum Hospital. Evacuation notice north from Glassford Heights subdivision north to the SNRA headquarters on both sides of Highway 75.
  • Remarks: Block 22 – Yesterday’s two injuries did not accumulate to Block 22. Today’s total of three is correct. Transition of Beaver Creek incidents Branch 1 to Zone 1 Beaver Creek under command of Great Basin Team 4 (Kidd) will occur 8/17 at 0600. One ICS 209 will be produced for the incident by Great Basin Team 1. Block 25: No additional structures destroyed known at time of report. Strong suspicion structures were damaged night of 8/16 morning 8/17. Loss of power poles in Croy area. IDL/Idaho Fire Chiefs structure engine pool exhausted. Two public meetings with local citizens with significant media interest. Resources contributed from other incidents much appreciated. Multiple insurance companies with structure protection clauses providing engines to their clients in coordination with Team. Acres: FS 80,359; BLM 4,398; State 1,030; Private 5,645.

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