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Major Heatwave Enters 5th Day in Australia

Posted by feww on December 16, 2013

Perth experiences earliest spell of five 35-degree-plus days in 71 years

A major  heatwave is shifting eastwards, pushing the mercury up to 40ºC in Adelaide by Thursday, and into the 30s for Sydney by Friday, local meteorologists forecast.

[Sydney’s average temperatures for December is 25.2ºC.]

Perth and surrounding areas were put on a severe fire danger alert Monday morning amid hot, dry and windy conditions, following a sweltering weekend, said a report.

The alert followed a large bush fire in the Shire of Toodyay, which needed more than 170 fire crews to control, as the blaze edged menacingly towards two housing estates. The fire had consumed more than 270 hectares, as of posting.

google logo of the day 2

large fire in Toodyay shire 15dec13
Rows of baled hay went up in flames most probably due to spontaneous combustion in Toodyay farmland on Sunday. Photo credit: Nine News Perth

Monday is the 5th day of a major heatwave which has pushed temperature highs above 40ºC.

On Saturday it reached 40.4ºC in Perth, and peaked at 37ºC Sunday. Parts of the eastern metropolitan Perth could see the temperature reaching 41ºC today.

In November, Perth recorded its hottest spring in 116 years, with overall average of 18.8ºC

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