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Alaska Rattled by Earthquake Cluster

Posted by feww on June 8, 2014


M5.5 strikes near Noatak, AK followed by dozens of aftershocks

Centered at 67.719°N, 162.385°W, the event occurred at a depth of 16.4km (10.2mi), followed by at least two dozen aftershocks.

EQ Details [USGS/EHP]

Magnitude: 5.5Mw
Event Time: 2014-06-07 at 04:43:33 UTC
Location: 67.719°N 162.385°W depth=16.4km (10.2mi)
Nearby Cities:

  • 35km (22mi) NE of Noatak, Alaska
  • 728km (452mi) WNW of Fairbanks, Alaska

EQ Location Map

Noatak-Alska 7-8-14
1 Day, All Magnitudes Worldwide: 171 earthquakes – DownloadUpdated: 2014-06-08 2014-06-08 04:47:29 UTC– 56 earthquakes in the larger Alaska map area. Source: USGS/EHP


The next detailed FIRE-EARTH Earthquake Forecast will be released together with Bulletin NO. 104 later today (June 8, 2014).

 Volcanic Activity in Alaska

55°25’2″ N 161°53’37” W, Summit Elevation 8261 ft (2518 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH
Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE

The eruption of Pavlof Volcano continues. Seismicity remains steady and unchanged in the past 24 hours. No thermal or ash signals were visible in cloudy satellite and web camera images.

  • Shishaldin: Color Code: ORANGE/ Alert Level WATCH
  • Cleveland: Color Code YELLOW / Alert Level ADVISORY
  • Veniaminof: Color Code YELLOW / Alert Level ADVISORY

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