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Worsening Drought Plagues Syria and Region

Posted by feww on June 11, 2014

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Drought, Lowest Rainfall in 6 Decades, Pose Latest Threats to Children in Syria and Region

Many parts of Syria have had their lowest rainfall in nearly 60 years, placing more than 4 million children in the war-torn country at even greater risk, according to UNICEF.

Water scarcity in Syria is now so acute that it may soon force more people to leave their homes, exacerbating the refugee situation. Some 9.3  million people  have already been displaced by the conflict.

“In Lebanon and Jordan, meanwhile, tensions between local communities and Syrian refugees are being heightened by competition over limited resources, including dwindling water supplies,” said the report by the UN agency.

“The scarcity of safe water—adding to the impact of the ongoing conflict and the intense summer heat—raises the real risk of more population displacement and the spread of disease among vulnerable children,” said the UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

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Saudi-Backed Terrorists Force 1 Million to Flee Iraqi Provinces

Posted by feww on June 11, 2014

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ISIS terrorists seize Iraqi cities forcing at least 1 million people to flee their homes

Saudi-backed ISIS terrorists have seized key Iraqi city of Mosul and nearly all of the surrounding Nineveh Province [population: ~ 3.3 million,] while fighting continues in Anbar province, forcing at least 1 million people from both provinces to flee their homes.

Iraq’s Foreign Minister has called on his country’s leaders to face “the serious, mortal threat.” Adding that “there has to be a quick response to what has happened.”

The terrorist have also attacked Tikrit and are now in control of some parts of the city, as well as the town of Baiji, known for its oil refinery, according to reports quoting Iraqi security sources.

“The Baiji refinery can process 300,000 barrels per day and supplies oil products to most of Iraq’s provinces and is a major provider of power to Baghdad,” Reuters reported.

The towns of Hawijah, Zab, Riyadh, Abbasi and Rashad in south and west of the city of Kikruk, about 250 km north of Baghdad, reported Xinhua.

Anbar Province

The UN refugee agency on Friday, June 6 said that ongoing violence in central Iraq’s Anbar province has displaced almost half-a-million civilians since January. “With a deteriorating security situation, it is also becoming harder for humanitarian actors to reach those in need,” said a UNHCR spokesman.

He told journalists in Geneva that the Iraqi government puts the number of displaced since January at 434,000 men, women and children. “However, the full scale of the displacement from this under-reported conflict is unknown, as the Iraqi authorities have had to suspend registration over the past month because of insecurity,” he said, adding: “UNHCR believes the current figure is now close to 480,000.”

A further displacement last month occurred when the ISIL terrorists deliberately breached a dam in Anbar’s Abu Ghraib district, flooding the entire area and forcing some 72,000 people to flee their homes.

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