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El Niño Update – 20 July 2009

Posted by feww on July 21, 2009


  • El Niño conditions are present across the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

  • Positive sea surface temperature (SST) departures continue to increase across much of the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

  • Current observations and dynamical model forecasts indicate ElNiño conditions will continue to intensify and are expected to last through Northern Hemisphere winter 2009-10.

Global SST Departures (ºC)

average SSr anomalies

During the last four weeks, equatorial SSTs were above-average in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Also, above-average SSTs covered much of the Northern Hemisphere mid-to-high latitudes.

Atmospheric Circulation over the North Pacific & North America During the Last 60 Days

atmo circ NP- NA - 60 days
During late May and early June, below-average heights persisted over Canada contributing to below-average temperatures over central and eastern Canada. During early June through mid-July, an anomalous north-south dipole in height anomalies (below-average heights over the eastern U.S. and above-average heights over eastern Canada) contributed to near or below-average temperatures over portions of New England and across the Great Lakes and to above-average temperatures in eastern Canada. Credit: All diagrams and captions by NOAA.

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Large spill at Canada’s oil sands terminal

Posted by feww on January 8, 2009

Deaths and Oil Spills: Hallmarks of Enbridge Inc, Canada

Enbridge Inc, Canada’s 2nd largest pipeline company, confirmed 4,000 barrels of oil spewed out of its oil storage facility in northern Alberta on Saturday.

Flames and smoke rise above Enbridge’s oil pipeline fire that killed two workers near Enbridge Energy Partners terminal in Clearbrook, Minn., November 28, 2007.  In April 2007, the same pipeline ruptured in Saskatchewan. Enbridge has reported two other leaks in its Canadian lines since 2001. (Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald/Associated Press). Image may be subject to copyright.

The company sends oilsands crude to the U.S. through its pipelines.  A spokesperson for Calgary-based Enbridge blamed a valve failure for the spill which reportedly occurred  at its Cheecham terminal south of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Syncrude Oil Sand Mine, Alberta, Canada. The Mildred Lake facility. The yellow structures in front of the tailings pond are sulfur stockpiles; the extraction plant is just to the right of this photograph and most of the mine lies to the left. Source

In May 2008, at least 500 hundred migratory ducks died after landing on an oilsands tailings pond at Syncrude’s Aurora North Site mine, north of Fort McMurray.

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A Biochemical Weapons Testing Ground?

Posted by feww on June 7, 2008

Main Entry:
New Zealand Violence Related to Biochemical Weapons?

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Canada: A Cesspool of Industrial Pollution

Posted by edro on March 21, 2008

The poorest environmental records of the industrialized countries

Report: Canada has one of the poorest environmental records of the industrialized countries. The primary finding is that for the twenty-five environmental indicators examined, Canada’s overall ranking among OECD nations is a dismal 28th out of 29. See: Abstract

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Who’s Blinding Canadian Pilots with Laser Beams?

Posted by edro on March 7, 2008

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Starting 2005, at least 33 pilots in Canada, some flying commercial airliners, have complained about being flashed in the eyes by bright lights, possibly lasers, transport ministry officials said. Report

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