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Sinabung Erupts Again

Posted by feww on August 30, 2010

Mount Sinabung 2nd eruption ‘more powerful’

Sinabung spewed ash to a height of about 2km in its second eruption in two days

Mount Sinabung volcano spews smoke in Suka Nalu village in the district of Tanah Karo, in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province August 30, 2010. The Indonesian volcano that erupted for the first time in centuries on Sunday spewed fresh plumes of smoke early on Monday morning, causing panic in nearby villages and delaying local flights, officials said on Monday.  Credit: Reuters/Tarmizy Harva. Image may be subject to copyright.  More photos …

According to Indonesia’s head volcanologist, Surono, Today’s eruption was more powerful than the first yesterday.

“Earlier today was another eruption at 6.30 a.m., sending out smoke as high as two km, more or less.” He said.

“I saw some hot pieces of volcanic rock come out and burn trees in the area,” A Reuters photographer said

“People have been evacuated from areas within a six km (four-mile) radius of the volcano,” vulcanologist Surono said. “Beyond six km it is safe, but there has still been a lot of panic among people here who don’t understand that.”

He said it was impossible to know when the eruptions would stop, but it was unlikely volcanic dust would drift to neighboring countries.

“Here, [the volcanic dash]  is three millimeters (1/8 of an inch) thick on the leaves of plants,” he said, adding that he did not believe the neighboring countries would be affected as a result of this eruptive episode.

Our colleagues at EDRO believe that the collapse of Singapore may occur as a result of volcanic activity on the island of Sumatra. However, they have not disclosed any further detail.

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