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YASI: If the ‘Devil’ Were a Cyclone

Posted by feww on January 31, 2011

Cyclomageddon: TC YASI Larger than Queensland

Massive Cyclone YASI Could Strike Queensland With 200+ km/hr Winds

Tropical Cyclone YASI was located about 2,000km east of Cairns, Australia at 11:00UTC on January 31, 2011. The cyclone was tracking west at speeds of about 30km/hr.

Details of Cyclone YASI (TC11P) at 11:00UTC on January 31, 2011

  • Location:  2,000km east of Cairns, Australia
  • Position:  14.0S 161.0E
  • Max Sustained Winds: 150km/hr
  • Wind Gusts: 200km/hr
  • Source: FIRE-EARTH estimates (based on data provided by JTWC and others)

If the ‘Devil’ were a cyclone, it would probably look like YASI

Tropical Cyclone YASI – IR Satellite image. Source: MTSAT-2 via Digital Typhoon. Remnants of ex-cyclone Anthony are seen moving across Queensland. Click images to enlarge.

Oceania Weather Animation for January 2011

TC YASI (Tropical Cyclone 11P). IR Satellite Image (NHC Enhancement). Source: CIMSS.  See inset for time/date. Click image to enlarge.

Australian Region Infrared Satellite Image


Source: JTWC

Australia: Current Weather Warnings

Australia Headline News

“The operators of Brisbane’s Wivenhoe Dam could be risking more flooding because of their refusal to immediately release unneeded water from the dam, according to engineers and hydrologists.” Said a report.

Cyclone Anthony

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