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FIRE-EARTH Bulletin NO. 98 – May 18, 2014

Posted by feww on May 18, 2014


FIRE-EARTH Bulletin NO. 98 has been released.

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No. of Days left: 661

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China Evacuates 3,000+ Nationals from Vietnam

Posted by feww on May 18, 2014


More than 3,000 Chinese nationals evacuated from Vietnam

More than 3,000 Chinese nationals have been evacuated from Vietnam as of Saturday afternoon, China’s Foreign Ministry said, Xinhua reported.

The recent anti-China violence in Vietnam has left at least two Chinese nationals dead and more than 100 others injured, including 16 critically.

Violent protests erupted over a Chinese oil rig drilling in disputed waters in the South China Sea.

The protests started after China towed Haiyang Shiyou 981 oil rig to a location 220 km off the coast of Vietnam earlier this month.

Vietnamese ships attempted to block the installation of the rig, leading to several collisions with the Chinese vessels.

south china sea dispute may 2014
Boats from Vietnam and China exchange water cannon fire in the South China Sea, May 2014. Photo credit: AP. Image may be subject to copyright.

The protesters targeted companies with Chinese characters in their logos.

Hong Kong-listed sports shoe maker Yue Yuen, which manufactures footwear for Adidas, Nike and several other international brands, has suspended production in Vietnam, Reuters reported.

Angry mobs have set fire to at least 15 foreign-owned factories  including Chinese, Taiwanese, South Korean and Japanese businesses  in several Vietnamese industrial parks.

“An iron and steel complex in Ha Tinh Province of Vietnam, invested by Taipei-based Formosa Plastics Group, was badly hit in the violent attacks triggered by disputes in the South China Sea,” said the report.

“China is to send five ships to Vietnam on Sunday to evacuate [additional] Chinese nationals caught in a deadly anti-China violence, the Ministry of Transport said.”

Disputed Waters

Meanwhile, Manila is taking Beijing to an international court accusing China of reclaiming land on a disputed South China Sea reef.

Philippine govt claims the Chinese are building what appears to be a military base on the Johnson Reef in the Spratly Islands.

Spratly Islands (10°N 114°E; total area of less than 5km²) are a disputed group of at least 750 reefs, islands, islets, cays and atolls in the South China Sea.

The islands are claimed by PR China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.

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M6.2 Quake Strikes Off W. Coast of N. Sumatra

Posted by feww on May 18, 2014


Significant Quake Strikes N. Sumatra Region

Centered at 4.259°N, 92.747°E, the quake struck at a signature depth of  about 10km.

EQ Details

Event Time: 2014-05-18 01:02:29 UTC
Location: 4.259°N 92.747°E depth=9.8km (6.1mi)
Nearby Cities

  • 319km (198mi) WSW of Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  • 337km (209mi) WSW of Sabang, Indonesia
  • 1000km (621mi) W of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

EQ Location Map

N Sumatra 18may14
Source: USGS/EHP


The next detailed FIRE-EARTH Earthquake Forecast will be released together with Bulletin NO. 98 later today (May 18, 2014).

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