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Deadly Rainstorms, Landslides Strike Central China

Posted by feww on May 14, 2010

The death toll from rainstorm and landslides in central China reaches 12, with 42,000 people displaced

About 200,000 hectares of crops, 35 million tons of fish stocks, 2,850 heads of cattle and 105,000 poultry have been destroyed, a govt official said.

Meanwhile the death toll from rainstorms and landslides in central China’s Hunan Province reached 12, Xinhua reported the Hunan flood-control and drought relief spokesperson as saying.

The Day After: Where have all the Chinese Gone?

A worker is seen clearing  debris from a a flooded street in Xinyu, East China’s Jiangxi province on May 13, 2010. (Xinhua Photo). Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice.

At least 42,000 people have been relocated in the past 24 hours as the rainstorms pummeled more than 280 towns and communities in Hunan.

The rainstorms have destroyed or damaged 10,200 hectares of crops and 480 residential buildings in the region.

“The violent weather occurred five days after storms that killed 11 people and left two others missing in Hunan.” Xinhua said.

Heavy rains are forecast to continue buffeting Hunan province over the next 5 days “and neighboring Guangdong Province for the next two days, provincial meteorological authorities said Thursday.” Xinhua said.

People mend the road destroyed by the strong rainfall in Fengjia Town of Xinhua County, Loudi City, central China’s Hunan Province, May 8, 2010.   (Xinhua/Guo Guoquan). Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice.

In the bordering Jiangxi Province, flood levels rose to more than 6 meters near the railway station in Xinyu, the worst-hit city in Jiangxi, the report said.

“It was the strongest rain in the city since 1984, said Ge Suping, director of the Xinyu government.”

Since about May 5, flooding caused bu rainstorms in south China have left at least 86 people dead, 16 missing, and more than 200 injured, as well as causing about 5.9 billion yuan ($864 million) in direct economic losses.

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Fire-Earth had forecast a major disaster in China on May 4, 2010, though the blog did not release any specific details.

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