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Flooding in Midwest Kills 1, Swamps Roads, Rail Line

Posted by feww on May 14, 2010

Flooding wreaks havoc in the towns along the Missouri River

Flooding in the U.S. Midwest has killed at least one person, closed roads, inundated farmland and forced an Amtrak train to be diverted, a report said.

NWS Weather Warning Map. Click image to enter portal.

National Weather Service (NWS) says it could get worse.

Several towns along the Missouri River should expect moderate to major flooding by early next week, which would close roads and soak crops, NWS hydrologist Mark Fuchs  said.

“We’re looking basically at the highest flooding the Missouri has seen this year, and it may be the highest we’ve seen in quite a while,” Fuchs said.

Thunderstorms are expected to persist through Sunday.

“We’re pretty wet right now, so if we did get a big event in the next week or so we could have some pretty significant flooding,” Fuchs said.

“It has already been a wet week across the plains. Parts of Iowa received more than 5 inches of rain Wednesday night and Thursday morning. A day earlier, the St. Louis region was hit with thunderstorms that brought up to 3 inches of rain.” AP reported.

“As a result, rivers and creeks have risen sharply — too much in many places. Flash floods closed dozens of roads and smaller highways. Flash flood warnings were in effect throughout parts of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.”

Jody Jones of Rutledge, 32, drowned while struggling to get out of his car on Wednesday as it was being swept away by a flash flood, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reported. More…


Destructive storms struck southwest Missouri. A tornado touched down breakfast time, destroying a Pizza Hut restaurant near downtown Monett and damaging a number of  other businesses.

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