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Another Wild Weather Day Across the U.S.

Posted by feww on July 11, 2011

Excessive Heat, Flood and Severe Thunder Storms Warnings in Many Parts of the Country

Deadly heatwaves of unprecedented intensity could strike the U.S. in 2011, claiming thousands of lives and affecting millions more: FIRE-EARTH Climate Model

Please cite FIRE-EARTH as the source of forecast, if you’re copying this information.


Fatalities from weather events. Source: NOAA

Fatalities from weather events. [More sanitized version?] Source: NOAA-OCWWS

Between 1936 and 1975, about 20,000 people died in the U.S. from the effects of heat and solar radiation. [Source: NWS-WFO]

Follow the temperature line until it intersects the relative humidity line. Then read the Heat Index on the curved line. For example, an air temperature of 100°F and Relative Humidity of 40%. Follow the 100°F temperature line until it intersects the 40% relative humidity line. Then curved line that also intersects is the Heat Index of 110°F, or Very Hot. That is the temperature the body thinks it is and attempts to compensate for that level of heat. Remember, these values are in the SHADE. Add up to 15°F to these values if you are in direct sunlight. [Source: NWS-WFO]

The risk to the body from continued exposure to excessive heat

Click image to enlarge. [Source: NWS-WFO]

National Hazards Map – July 11

Click map to enter NWS interactive portal.


Many rivers in Midwest and northern Plains bulging with excess water, as flooding seems set to continue through the summer: Forecasters

GOES Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image

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