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Drought Threatens Half of Thailand

Posted by feww on July 7, 2015

Critical water shortages threaten millions of people in Thailand

Many of Thailand’s dams have fallen below the critical levels, and water shortages threaten about a half of the country 76 provinces [pop: ~ 70 million.]

The following information is based on reports published by Bangkok Post:

The Sirikit dam reservoir has dropped to just 6.84% of usable capacity, or 455.35 million cubic meters, prompting authorities to warn residents to drastically limit their use of water or face restrictions, said a report.

Bhumibol dam in Tak province has fallen to its lowest level in its 51 years of operation, according to dam director.

Nine districts in the province have already been declared drought-hit areas. In Ban Khok district, a total of 62,648 households faced water shortages…

Riversides collapse as Chao Phraya dries out

Meanwhile, many roads are collapsing throughout the drought hit areas.

People living along the Chao Phraya River in three provinces were advised on Monday to prepare for evacuation as waterside subsidence is very possible as the river level continues to fall.

People in three provinces living along the Chao Phraya River have been advised to prepare for evacuation because they would be affected by waterside subsidence as the river level continues to plunge.

Officials inspect a collapsed section of the embankment road next to the Khlong Phraya Banlue canal in Lat Bua Luang district of Ayutthaya Province on Monday. (Photo credit: Sunthorn Pongpao via Bangkok Post.) More images..

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