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Stop Copying Our Research

Posted by feww on July 12, 2015

The following exposé relates to a 2011 Japan earthquake forecast issued by FIRE-EARTH. Sent by a concerned blog reader


“This information is based on both use of psychic information and information from the Star Visitors” —Dr. Fraud No. 375

The following character is enriching himself by copying materials posted on this blog and re-introducing it to his foreign audiences as “information is based on both use of psychic information and information from the Star Visitors.”

He is:
“Richard Boylan, Ph.D., M.S. Ed, MSW, B.A. is an Educator-Researcher specializing in Star Kids and Star Seed adults, is an emeritus Professor of Psychology, a star-cultures Anthropologist, a retired Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and is Earth’s Councillor (representative) to/from Star Nations and its Council.”

The following information, which was sent to us by a reader in Japan was originally posted at

and later translated into Japanese and re-posted at

Dr. Boylan at official beginning of Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway (NV 375),  along which he has had multiple encounters with UFO. Image and caption from Dr. Boylan’s website.


また東北地震?迷いに迷った結果、やっぱりお知らせします。Add StarAdd Star

♦リチャード・ボイラン博士が先月から警告を発していた東北大地震第 2弾の件ですが、今週末の23~25日に発生すると警告を発しています。こんな時にまた人騒がせな記事を拡散するのはどうかと思い迷いましたが、警告が当 たらないとも限りません。震災から4カ月、疲れと気の緩みから油断して再び大きな災害を引き起こさない為にも、一応このような情報があるということだけを 胸に収めて、万事ご用心なされたく掲示致します。

ボイラン博士は信頼できる人物のようですが、彼もstar visitorから受け取った情報だそうで、確信があるかどうかは解りません。受け取る側がどう行動するか判断するしかありますまい。とにかく皆さま、お気をつけください


This is the latest report about the upcoming 9.5 Mega-Quake to strike Japan on the July 23-24-25 weekend, the energy reading at this time indicatng mostly likely during the night between Sunday and Monday, 7/24-25 (Japan time).

これは7月23日~24日-25週末に日本を打つ今度の9.5Mega-揺れに関する最新のレポートです、エネルギーリーデイングでは、日曜日と月曜日の夜から朝にかけての確率が高いと読んでいます。7/24-25 (Japan time).

For those in the U.S., that would be Sunday morning, and in London, Sunday afternoon.


July 24.


This Great Quake will be six times as strong as March’s Tohoku 9.0 Quake!


This upcoming July 24-25th 9.5-magnitude Great Earthquake will tie the world record for the largest-ever earthquake.

今年の今度の7月に、25分の24 9.5マグニチュードの巨大地震は史上最大の地震のための世界記録を結ぶでしょう。

That other earthquake was in 1960 in Chile:


the Valdivia (Great Chilean) Earthquake.


Details of what the effects of that Valdivia 9.5 Earthquake (also along a coastline) were like can be found below *


I have taken the energy reading of the upcoming July 24-25 Japan Great Quake and pinpointed its location.


The July 24-25 Earthquake’s epicenter will be in the off-shore Pacific Ocean 100 km (62 miles) east of Minamisanriku, a village along the northeast coast of Japan’s main Honshu Island, and 60 km (37 miles) northeast of Sendai.


Minamisanriku is only 25 km (15 miles) north of the Onagawa nuclear power plant, already somewhat damaged by the March 11th monster quake, which also severely damaged several nuclear reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant complex.


And this July 24-25 Mega-Quake will be six times as strong!


The Japanese Government should shut down the Onagawa nuclear plant that weekend as a precaution.


The July 24-25 Quake will cause ground shaking 6 times as strong as on March 11.

7月24日~25日Quakeは3月11日の6倍強い地盤振動を引き起こすでしょう。Since Tokyo is only 320 km (200 miles) southwest of the epicenter, Tokyo can expect to receive damage this time.


There will also be resulting tsunamis very much larger than those on March 11.


For some idea of the scale of potential tsunami effects, see the description of tsunamis created by the other 9.5 Great Quake, in Chile 51 years ago (below)*. 潜在的津波の持つ力の影響を51年前の9,5のチリ巨大地震のスケールから勘案してみてください。(below)*

This July 24-25 Quake will be caused by a larger tectonic plate movement than caused the earlier quake on March 11th:


the violent sudden subduction of the Pacific Plate edge under the Okhotsk Plate that Japan rests on, with additional pressure provided by the Philippine Sea Plate at the area’s triple-convergence zone.


How can people on Honshu Island, Japan prepare for the truly Big One coming later this month?


They have had a learning experience from the Match 11th quake.


All the prudent precautions one takes in a major earthquake are in order.


Since the timing of this 9.5 Quake is known, if I were living on northern Honshu, I’d make sure not to be in, or sleep in, a building made of rigid unyielding structure such as masonry or steel that weekend.


Near the epicenter, even being in a wooden house might not be safe enough.


One can always sleep outside that weekend;


it’ll be warm.


Then there is also the issue of the much larger tsunamis coming this time.


Using the 1960 Valdivia 9.5 Quake as a model, it generated local tidal waves 25 meters (82 ft) high.


But in the March 11 Japan Quake, tsunami heights varied widely depending on topography, and ranged up to 30 meters (100 feet) high.


Since the upcoming July 23 Quake will be 6 times as strong, even larger waves may be expected, and may travel farther inland.


Thus, in addition to staying out of places subject to failure in the earthquake, north Honshu residents would do well to stay away from low-lying coastal areas that weekend.


As for other countries’ citizens living near the Pacific, it would be prudent to look up the tsunami warning map put out by USGS ‘s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center right after that July 24-25 Quake hits, at:


That map will show you where a tsunami propagated from Japan could strike.


And this time the wave heights are likely to be much higher than on March 11th.


So, even people as far away as coastal Alaska, Hawai’i, the Pacific coasts of North, Central, and South America, New Zealand, Indonesia, and the Philippines should inform themselves about potential oncoming risks.


This information is based on both use of psychic information and information from the Star Visitors.

この情報は精神の情報の使用とStar Visitors(銀河連盟?)からの情報の両方に基づいています。

The people of Japan have been through a lot, but it’s not over.


Let us keep open a heart of compassion for all affected Japanese.


Their trials are continuing.


Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor


The original FIRE-EARTH Earthquake Forecast, which was later withdrawn, was posted at


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Colima Volcano Erupts, Hundreds Evacuated in W. Mexico

Posted by feww on July 12, 2015

Hundreds evacuated, airport closed as Colima volcano ejects large amounts of ash into the air

Colima volcano is behaving “atypically,” showing signs similar to a major eruption in 1913, said Mexico’s interior ministry.

The 1913 eruption, the largest on record since  1576, lasted for 5 days between January 20 and 24.

About 800 residents within a 12-km radius of the volcano have been evacuated. The authorities have also closed the airport in the state of Colima, due to the large amounts of volcanic ash “falling in the area,” said reports.

The volcano began erupting early Thursday and became increasingly active, spewing lava and large amounts of ash.

Colima, kla, Volcán de Fuego [“Volcano of Fire,”] is one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico. It is also potentially the most hazardous volcano in the country, with more than 300,000 people living within a 40-km radius of the mountain.

Recent volcanic eruptions leading to mass evacuations

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