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Thailand: Monarchy, Corruption, Injustice, Poverty, Police State

Posted by feww on April 10, 2010

Image of the Day

Thailand’s Corrupt Politics Finally Boils Over

With a Nod and a Wink from Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Troops Move in Against Demonstrators

Despite their earlier promise not to intervene, Thai troops moved into two anti-government camps in the capital, Bangkok, to drive out the demonstrators.

Thai soldiers clash with anti-government “red shirt” protesters near the United Nations building in central Bangkok April 10, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang. Image may be subject to copyright.

At least a dozen people have been killed and more than 250 injured in the clashes so far as security forces fired tear gas, water cannons, rubber bluets and live rounds on demonstrators.

The army had earlier said they would not intervene in the demonstrations, but the King of Thailand decided to unleash his troops against the so called red-shirt protesters who have been campaigning against poverty, corrupt politics and injustice in Thailand since March 12.

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Polish President, 132 others, Killed in Plane Crash

Posted by feww on April 10, 2010

Polish President Killed In Plane Crash

133 people onboard were killed in the crash, no report of survivors

The plane owned by Polish govt crashed near a military airport in Smolensk, western Russia, killing Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 132 others, Russian media reported.

Poland’s President seen preparing for flight to Lithuania on Thursday.

The plane, an aging Tupolev 154, flying from Moscow to Smolensk clipped treetops, fell to the ground, caught fire and disintegrated, Smolensk regional governor Sergei Antufiev told Russian TV,  adding that  none of the people onboard had survived the crash.

Freeze frames from RT (Russian TV) news report showing parts of the Tupolev 154 plane that crashed earlier killing the right-wing Catholic polish President, Lech Kaczynski, his wife and 131 others onboard (April 10,2010).

“As it was preparing for landing, the Polish president’s aircraft did not make it to the landing strip,” he said.

“According to preliminary reports, it got caught up in the tops of trees, fell to the ground and broke up into pieces. There are no survivors in that crash.

“We are clarifying how many people there were in the [Polish] delegation. According to preliminary reports, 85 members of the delegation and the crew.”

“The plane caught fire after the crash. Teams began attempting to pull out passengers from the badly damaged airplane,”  according to Polish Foreign Ministry in Warsaw.

According to various reports, citing the Polish Foreign Ministry,  the president was accompanied by his wife, Polish Army Chief of Staff General Franciszek Gagor, the country’s central bank governor Slawomir Skrzypek and dozens of senior officials and top military brass.

“The mobile phones of everyone who was with the President are no longer working, according to officials.” Pravda reported.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said the plane crash was “the most tragic event of the country’s post-war history.”

“Mr Kaczynski has been a controversial figure in Polish politics, advocating a right-wing Catholic agenda.” BBC reported.

A political commentator, who wishes to remain anonymous, said to Fire-Earth Moderators, noting that the crash had been caused by pilot error: “Ironically, if  anyone wanted to stage a coup in Poland, they would have had to remove exactly the same set of people who were killed in the air crash.”

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Unusual News Items?

Posted by feww on April 10, 2010

Link submitted by blogger TEAA

Angry Chinese Mob KFC Joints in China

Angry Chinese mobbed Kentucky Fried Chicken joints in China, kicking over chairs and tables at a Beijing joint, amid a row over a coupon promotion gone wrong, AFP reported

Angry customers wave their coupons at a Beijing KFC joint. Photo: AFP. Image may be subject to copyright.

“The trouble flared on Tuesday as the US restaurant chain launched a promotion in which coupons downloaded from the Internet could be exchanged for food at KFC outlets, the Global Times newspaper said.”

As the trouble escalated, police were called in to disperse the mobs, the report said.

The report did not mention any injuries or damage.

Customers were enraged because staff refused to redeem their coupons for the Super Tuesday promotion, saying they were fake.

“Crowds also gathered in at least one Shanghai branch, the newspaper said, adding that complaints were reported in at least four other major cities.”

“It is with great regret that the promotion activity caused trouble for some consumers. This was not the original intention of the activity we designed and for this we are deeply sorry,” said a KFC statement.

KFC  chain has more than 2,100 fried chicken joints in 450 cities throughout China, the report said.

‘Woman strangled to death go-karting’

A woman in her 20s was strangled to death by her own clothing while driving a go-kart in Port Stephenson, NSW, Australia, police said, AAP reported.

The scarf she was wearing became caught in the go-kart wheels and tightened around her neck like a noose.

Emergency services tried to revive her, but decided to the nearest John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle where she later died.

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Klyuchevskaya Erupting Until Further Notice!

Posted by feww on April 10, 2010

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Volcanoes and Glaciers Don’t Mix

Satellite Images of Klyuchevskaya Volcano

The 4,750-meter Klyuchevskaya is the highest and most active volcano on Kamchatka Peninsula, NE Russia.

Klyuchevskaya Volcano is still erupting. Natural-color satellite image by MODIS was acquired April 7, 2010.   A plume of ash about 370 meters was reported above the crater summit.  The dark tint seen on the lower slopes of the Shiveluch Volcano, located to the northeast of Klyuchevskaya, is ash deposits from an earlier eruption. Source: NASA/EO.

A plume towered above the summit of Klyuchevskaya Volcano on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula on February 13, 2010, when the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this false-color image. Directly over the summit, the plume is bright white, suggesting more steam than ash. The steep, cone-shaped volcano was shrouded in snow, and the rugged terrain was being illuminated from the south, which created dramatic shadows to the north and west. Both the mountain itself and the plume are casting a shadow (brown area) on the western and northern flanks of the volcano. Within this shadow, black rivulets of lava are visible on the northwest slopes. (Date: 13 February 2010). Image and caption: NASA

Klyuchevskaya’s most recent phase of eruptive activity began in January 2005. On February 21, the Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruption Response Team reported a lava flow down the northern flank of the volcano that melted a large portion of the Ehrman Glacier, the largest of several small glaciers capping the summit and flanks of the volcano. Image captured by ASTER  on NASA’s Terra satellite February 24, 2004. Source: NASA/EO.

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What triggers supervolcano formation?

Posted by feww on April 10, 2010

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Largest supervolcanoes in the world

The following information bulletin released by the Texas A&M University is an introduction to a study of  what triggers formation of supervolcanoes by the IODP Shatsky Rise expedition.

Deciphering the mysteries of an ancient seafloor Goliath

The eruptions of “supervolcanoes” on Earth’s surface have been blamed for causing mass extinctions, belching large amounts of gases and particles into the atmosphere, and re-paving the ocean floor. The result? Loss of species, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and changes in ocean circulation. Despite their global impact, the origin and triggering mechanism of these eruptions remain poorly understood. New data collected during a recent Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) scientific research expedition in the Pacific Ocean may provide clues to unlocking this unsolved mystery in Earth’s geologic record.

In fall 2009, an international team of scientists participating in IODP Expedition 324 “Shatsky Rise Formation,” drilled five sites in the ocean floor to study the origin of the 145 million-year-old Shatsky Rise volcanic mountain chain. Located approximately 1500 kilometers (930 miles) east of Japan, Shatsky Rise measures roughly the size of California. This underwater mountain chain represents one of the largest supervolcanoes in the world: the top of Shatsky Rise lies three and a half kilometers (about two miles) below the sea surface, while its base plunges to nearly six kilometers (four miles) below the surface. Shatsky Rise is composed of layers of hardened lava, with individual lava flows that are up to 23 meters (75 feet) thick.

“Seafloor supervolcanoes are characterized by the eruption of enormous volumes of lava. Studying their formation is critical to understanding the processes of volcanism and the movement of material from the Earth’s interior to the surface,” remarked Dr. William Sager of Texas A&M University, who led the expedition together with co-chief scientist Dr. Takashi Sano of Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo.

About a dozen supervolcanoes exist on Earth – some are found on land, while others lie at the bottom of the ocean. Those found on the seafloor are often referred to as “large oceanic plateaus.” Current scientific thinking suggests that these supervolcanoes were caused by eruptions occurring over a period of a few million years or less – a rapid pace in geologic time. Each of these supervolcanoes produced several million cubic kilometers of lava – about three hundred times the volume of all the Great Lakes combined – dwarfing the volume of lava produced by the biggest present-day volcanoes such as Hawaii.

Since the 1960s, geologists have debated the formation and origin of these large oceanic plateaus. The mystery lies in the origin of the magma, which is molten rock that forms within the Earth. A magma source rising from deep within the interior of the Earth has a different chemical composition than magma that forms just below the Earth’s crust. Some large oceanic plateaus exhibit signs of a deep-mantle origin. Others exhibit chemical signatures indicative of magma originating from a much shallower depth.

The IODP Shatsky Rise expedition focused on deciphering the relationship between supervolcano formation and the boundaries of tectonic plates, which may prove crucial to understanding what triggers supervolcano formation. A widely-accepted explanation for oceanic plateaus is that they form when a huge blob of magma source (a “plume head”) rises from deep in the Earth to the surface. An alternative theory suggests that large oceanic plateaus can originate at the intersection of three tectonic plates, known as a “triple junction,” but this mechanism is poorly understood. Shatsky Rise could play a key role in this debate, because it formed at a triple junction, but also displays certain characteristics that could be explained by the plume head model.

“Shatsky Rise is one of the best places in the world to study the origin of supervolcanoes,” Sager pointed out. “What makes Shatsky Rise unique is the fact that it is the only supervolcano to have formed during a time when Earth’s magnetic field reversed frequently.” This process creates “magnetic stripe” patterns in the seafloor. As Sager explained, “We can use these magnetic stripes to decipher the timing of the eruption and the spatial relationship of Shatsky Rise to the surrounding tectonic plates and triple junctions.”

According to preliminary results, sediments and microfossils collected during the expedition indicate that parts of the Shatsky Rise plateau were at one time at or above sea level, and formed an archipelago during the early Cretaceous period (about 145 million years ago). Shipboard lab studies further show that much of the lava erupted rapidly and that Shatsky Rise formed at or near the equator. As analyses continue in the months and years ahead, data collected during this expedition may help scientists to resolve the 50 year-old debate about the origin and nature of large oceanic plateaus.

IODP Expedition 324 “Shatsky Rise Formation” took place onboard the scientific ocean drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution from September 4 to November 4, 2009. The JOIDES Resolution is one of the primary research vessels of IODP, an international marine research program dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of the Earth through drilling, coring, and monitoring the subseafloor. The vessel is operated by the U.S. Implementing Organization of IODP, consisting of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, Texas A&M University, and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.

Contact: Kristin Ludwig
Texas A&M University

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