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TC Paul – Latest Rainfall Image

Posted by feww on April 1, 2010

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Paul is Still Dumping Heavy Rain Over NT, Australia

TRMM satellite passed over PAUL, which has been weakened to a tropical depression, on 31 March 2010 at 08:00UTC. PAUL was still dumping rain over a large area of the Northern Territory, Australia, as the TRMM rainfall analysis shows . About 50 mm/hr (~2 inches) of rain was being produced along the southwestern coast of the Gulf Of Carpentaria. Source: NASA/TRMM

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Landslide News

Posted by feww on April 1, 2010

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Frequency of landslide events increasing at an alarmingly accelerated rate

Middletown, Connecticut

About 100 feet of a parking lot of an  apartment complex fell into the river prompting the evacuation of 50 residents. A mudslide exposed the foundation of the block.

Maine, USA.

A substantial landslide caused a large chunk of land to slide from a steep embankment in Winslow, Kennebec County, Maine, USA. Mature trees that used to stand there now sticking up in the middle of the river.

New Hampshire

A landslide occurred in Greenville, New Hampshire, on Wednesday evening, the Fire Chief said, as a result of which a large chink of land fell into Souhegan River.

Landslide closes section of bikepath in Amherst, N.Y.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park,  North Carolina

A landslide in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park disrupted traffic on U.S. 441, the main highway over the mountains, about one mile south of the Tennessee-North Carolina line, AP reported.

East Tennessee has also experienced several recent rock and landslides, the report said.

“There have been four other landslides in the region: a major one in Maggie Valley that forced an evacuation of several homes, one that took out a road and a lot in the Water Dance development in Jackson County, one that took out a road and a lot in the Wildflower development in Macon County, and one in Macon County that could be partly to blame for destabilizing a home foundation.” Said a report.

Orange County, California

The two transition roads that were shut down on February 18, after a massive landslide dropped tons of earth and rocks on the roads were reopened, Caltrans officials said.

The westbound 10 connector to the northbound 57 freeway and the northbound 71 connector to the northbound 57 were blocked and Caltrans had to remove about 100,000 cubic meters of earth at a cost of $3.5 million to reopen them.

“The slope has been sprayed with a seed mix to make the slope look a little better and will provide for erosion control,” a Caltrans official  said.

Two killed in Cacuaco landslide

Two Angolan workers were killed in a landslide in Cacuaco district, Luanda, Angop reported.

The accident reportedly occurred when seven workers were repairing the main road in Cacuaco.

“The two workers got buried when part of the hill crumbled down and the SNB team found them already dead,” an official said.

The Lembah Anai tourist resort in West Sumatra has been struck by flooding and landslide.

Disaster Mitigation Agency coordinator in west Sumatra, Ade Edward, said landslides had struck at least 15 areas. “They damaged four houses and dozens of cars, but fortunately there were no casualties,” he said.

Parts of the highway were washed away after the Batang Anai River burst its banks. “The Batang Anai waterfall in the tourist resort, meanwhile, discharged three times its normal volume of water, carrying with it mud and rocks.”

Flooding also  severely damaged a nearby bridge, the report said.

3 Miners killed in Goldmine Collapse

Three miners died after a landslide blocked a tunnel in Itogon town in Benguet in northern Philippines, police said.

Passenger rail service restored after mudslide

“A mudslide Thursday about a mile north of Mukilteo covered one of the two main rail tracks through the area. Crews cleared the slide – which was 2 feet deep and about 50 feet long – later that day but the railway required a 48-hour waiting period before resuming passenger service to ensure safe operating conditions.”

Mudslide closes train tracks near Iowa prison in Fort Madison

A mudslide a few blocks from the Iowa State Penitentiary was discovered  by a train engineer. “The mud from a steep bluff covered at least 300 feet of track and was six to 10 feet deep.”

2 women buried alive in mudslide in Mahottari

“Two women were killed and 21 others injured when they were buried in a mudslide from a cliff at Hattilet-1 in Mahottari district on Friday.”  Mahottari is a part of Janakpur Zone, one of Nepal ‘s seventy-five districts.

Mudslide closes part of Hwy 30 (Oregon)

“A hillside broke loose after heavy rains, sending mud sliding onto Highway 30 and partially closing the road near St. Johns Bridge in North Portland on Wednesday, according to ODOT.”

Links to Other Stories

Homes On The Edge; Endangered By Mud Slide

A mudslide has closed a several lanes of Martin Way in Olympia, Washington

A mudslide covered all the Hudson Line tracks

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Sinkholes Swallow Cars?

Posted by feww on April 1, 2010

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Image of the Day:

Rain, flooding, again, and sinkholes

A massive sinkhole opened in City of Fall River, Massachusetts, as a result of a storm and heavy rain which triggered record-breaking deluge. Photo Credit: Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff. Image may be subject to copyright. For more images click here.

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Obama: A Serious Self-Hater

Posted by feww on April 1, 2010

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submitted by a reader

Obama Hates Himself, His Kids, His Family and Rest of the World

He hates himself because he is emotionally unstable, has a weak character and has been trodden on all his life.

His hatred for rest of the world is all too evident in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has the blood of thousands of people on his hands, and it won’t wash off.

But, above all, he hates his kids. He couldn’t give a damn if they had a chance, a future, or not.

He has just unveiled plans for a “limited expansion” of offshore oil and gas drilling shamelessly disguised as winning Republican support for new strategies to fight climate change.

The moratoriums on offshore exploration which were secured  in the 1980s are all out of the window. [This is what the President had earlier called “hope and change.”]

Oh, and he hates wildlife, especially in the coastal areas.

President B.O. is a pathological liar, too.

AssociatedPress — March 31, 2010 — Reversing a ban on oil and gas drilling off most U.S. shores, President Barack Obama announced an expansive new policy that could put oil and natural gas platforms in waters along the Atlantic coastline, the Gulf of Mexico and parts of Alaska.

If the national security of a country entails the health and well-being of its people, then Obama’s plan to expand offshore oil and gas drilling is a direct threat to the national security of the United States.

Here’s the unintelligent lies he delivered at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland recently:

“Today we’re announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration, but in ways that balance the need to harness domestic energy resources and the need to protect America’s natural resources.”

“Drilling alone can’t come close to meeting our long-term energy needs, and for the sake of our planet and our energy independence, we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuels now,” Obama said.

Just exactly what are our “long-term energy needs?” What exactly are your plans for saving the planet? What are “cleaner fuels?” How much cleaner are they? Exactly, how much of these cleaner fuels do you have in mind?

Note that everything is left vague and in a haze of uncertainty in the hope that somehow you’ll figure it out, making sense out of his utter nonsense. He hopes the majority will never catch on to the truth. Will you ever stop bullcrapping?

“I know that we can come together to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation that’s going to foster new energy—new industries, create millions of new jobs, protect our planet, and help us become more energy independent,” Obama added.

What a load of hot doublespeak, Mr President.

“My administration will consider potential new areas for development in the mid and south Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.”

Meanwhile, his administration announced the cancellation of oil and gas drilling leases in the Bristol Bay area [for now, at least!] as well as four other [useless, unwanted] leases in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas off the north coast of Alaska.  The region will remain available to “future scientific research to assess their suitability for leasing.”

DOI Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Strategy – Lower 48 – Click image to enlarge.

DOI Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Strategy – Eastern Coast of Mexico Planning Area – Click image to enlarge.

DOI Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Strategy – Alaska Strategy – Click image to enlarge.

“There will be those who strongly disagree with this decision,” said Obama with a smirk.

No shit, Mr B.O.

What would his plan really mean

  • Continued addiction to oil
  • More intense, faster paces of climate change
  • Wilder climatic swings
  • Deadlier weather patterns
  • More oil spills
  • More sea and coastal pollution
  • Additional threats to marine life
  • More threats to the livelihood of coastal communities

May something have mercy on hid kids because, sure as climate change, nature will be inclement.

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