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Christchurch Could Vanish from Google Map

Posted by feww on February 23, 2011


Large-scale tectonic and geophysical  activities could wipe off Christchurch and other NZ cities from the face of the Earth

In  A Warning to Visitors to New Zealand FIRE-EARTH asked Apartheid Fort New Zealand to post the following message dated May 9, 2009:

[NOTE: The posts linked to above have also been buried by NZ govt and the Internet mafia.]

Climatological and Geological Warning!

The New Zealand region is about to experience significant climatological events and large-scale geological and tectonic activity. Would be visitors are advised to stay out of the area for the foreseeable future.

On July 16, 2009 FIRE-EARTH posted Global Travel Warning!

Global Travel Warning!

Posted by feww on July 16, 2009


The following WARNING was first posted on MAY 9, 2009 at NewZeelend Blog. FEWW is re-posting the WARNING with renewed urgency:

Seismic, Volcanic and Climatological Warning!

The New Zealand region is undergoing large-scale tectonic [seismological and volcanic] activities and significant climatological events. Would be visitors are well advised to stay clear of the area for the foreseeable future.

Here’s a New, SPECIFIC WARNING to New Zealand

FIRE-EARTH believes large earthquakes could destroy Christchurch and several other cities in New Zealand. The bulk of Christchurch could literally vanish as a result of ensuing geophysical activity, possibly by as early as 2015.

In the Short Term

  • More powerful shocks could strike Christchurch [also Auckland, Wellington and elsewhere in New Zealand] anytime.
  • Large scale volcanic activity in the country could occur this year [high probability.]
  • FIRE-EARTH has identified a number of potential seismic ‘Ground Zeros,’ areas prone to devastation, in the New Zealand Region, some of which coincide with population centers.

New Zealand government has a moral responsibility [we won’t hold our breath] and a  legal duty to relocate New Zealanders from the DANGER ZONES. [Would you trust a government which hides earthquake warnings from its people?]

FIRE-EARTH advice to Christchurch residents:

Get out while you’re still alive!

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9 Responses to “Christchurch Could Vanish from Google Map”

  1. Ric said

    [Ric– In view of the forecasts and all other information posted on this blog concerning NZ earthquakes, your comment strikes as ill-informed. As if by a massive irony, your most populated cities are situated right above geological nightmares–a fact that your government scientists don’t know, or won’t tell you. Please read all related posts and discussions before writing. Blog Moderators-MCC]

  2. Jenny W. said

    if what you say here is true this is a very frightening time for people people like us here in Chch and we are assessing whether or not it is worth living here at all. I’m in the quandary as to why the seismologists are keeping this information as quiet as is…

  3. feww said

    The following links relate to the content:

  4. edro said

    Magnitude 5.3, Saturday, April 16 2011 at 5:49 pm (NZST), 10 km north-east of Diamond Harbour.
    43.61°S, 172.79°E
    Depth 11 km
    Richter magnitude 5.3
    Geonet/New Zealand Earthquake Report

  5. feww said

    Magnitude: 5.1
    Date-Time: Thursday, April 07, 2011 at 07:16:12 UTC

    Location: 42.228°S, 177.490°E
    Depth: 14.1 km (8.8 miles)
    + 247 km (153 miles) ESE of WELLINGTON, New Zealand
    + 261 km (162 miles) SE of Palmerston North, New Zealand
    + 308 km (191 miles) S of Napier, New Zealand
    + 398 km (247 miles) S of Gisborne, New Zealand

    Location Uncertainty: horizontal +/- 35.1 km (21.8 miles); depth +/- 10.2 km (6.3 miles)
    Source: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
    Event ID: usc0002kn5

  6. JM said


    When I look around this site, you appear to have had made some accurate predictions about NZ, Japan and Chile in the past. If you are genuinely concerned and believe what you say, may I suggest that you create a page that lists the recent disasters with links to your predictions.


    This is a very scary time for people in Chch and we are assessing whether or not it is worth living here and it is obvious that the seismologists are keeping quiet. If you are serious when you say that the city is going to disappear then please make it easier for us to believe you and suggest alternative, safer places for us Cantabrians to move to.

    • feww said

      Regarding the first paragraph of your message, FYI, two of the moderators/contributors at ‘Apartheid Fort New Zealand’ blog are white Europeans.

      In the true blue tradition of defending the dispossessed underdogs,
      they have elected to stand for Maori rights. Any suggestion of the blog being ‘anti-white’ is therefore ludicrous.

      “When I look around this site, you appear to have had made some accurate predictions about NZ, Japan and Chile …”

      A number of colleagues and readers have recently made similar suggestions. Accordingly, the Moderators posted the following earlier:

      “This is a very scary time for people in Christchurch …”

      We have categorized the life-threatening hazards into two broad categories: The imminent dangers, and the inevitable perils––the latter strikes a little later.

      To understand the implications, see

      Living in New Zealand, in our opinion, falls into the first category.

      The Moderators believe New Zealand will be the scene of MAJOR tectonic events in the coming years. In fact there may be nothing left of the two islands when the dust settles. Nature, as we see her, has other plans!

      There’s no such concept as a guaranteed ‘safer places for us Cantabrians to move to’ any more than there is for us Japanese, us Americans, us Chinese … or us Bolivians.

      The energy dinosaurs have created a pseudo world and now they expect nature to play along. She won’t!

      The best you can do is to go from a category 1 place to a category 2 palace. That much, common sense dictates.

      What to do next? Show your love for the planet through THOUGHT and ACTION. Prove to her that you are a valuable asset, NOT a vicious pathogen. And hope for the best.

      REMEMBER, only the most ethical groups/individuals among us could conceivably survive what is about to befall the human race.

      Finally, we’ve fulfilled our moral obligation to inform you. NOW it’s your turn to inform everyone you know.

    • feww said

      JM — In the interest of free speech, you might want to email, the blog host, and Google inquiring as to why they have blocked the ‘tags’ and ‘categories’ for

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