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Disasters, States of Emergency – May 23, 2014

Posted by feww on May 23, 2014

SCENARIOS 444, 333, 023, 09, 070

Balkans faces risk of disease after flood disasters

Worst floods ever recorded in the Balkans, which triggered thousands of landslides, have devastated large swathes of Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia, destroying or damaging more than 100,000 homes, thousands of other buildings and much of the public infrastructure.

The disasters killed dozens of people across the Balkans; however, the death toll might rise because about 600 people are missing or unaccounted for in Serbia.

Tens of thousands of animals also perished in the disasters, creating a very serious health risk for populations in the devastated areas.

Rotting animal carcasses, food and waste in rising temperatures pose a serious risk of contaminating ground and surface waters.

Serbia’s government has made an appeal for disinfectants, quicklime, chlorine bleach and protection gear.

In Bosnia, there is the added danger posed by hundreds of thousands of landmines left over from the Bosnian War (1992-95) that may have been moved by the floodwaters and landslides from marked minefields.

Cost of Damage

Based on the latest damage data available, FIRE-EARTH Models estimate the total cost of damage caused by the historic flooding and landslides across the Balkans at more than $6 billion.

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Other Disasters, States of Emergency

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has declared a State of Emergency following widespread damage caused by flooding storms on May 12.

At least 736 homes have reported flood damage in Summit County, with nine of the homes suffering significant structural damage, according to the Falls Mayor.

Siberian Irkutsk region has declared a state of emergency after forest fires spread to local villages, prompting mass evacuations.

Some 77 forest fires have consumed more than 40,000 hectares of land in the region.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated from the village of Dalny, where fires have destroyed two dozen homes, the the Emergency Situations Ministry said, Interfax reported.

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