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Strong Earthquake Strikes near Atka, Alaska

Posted by feww on November 9, 2015

M6.2 quake occurs ESE of Atka, Alaska

Centered at 51.735°N, 173.066°W the quake occurred at a depth of 10.0 km (6.2mi), reported USGS/EHP.

EQ Details
Magnitude: 6.2Mw
Location: 51.735°N, 173.066°W depth=10.0 km (6.2 mi)
Time: 2015-11-09 16:03:45 (UTC)

Nearby Cities

  • 93km (58mi) ESE of Atka, Alaska
  • 1,548km (962mi) SSE of Anadyr’, Russia
  • 1,759km (1093mi) WSW of Anchorage, Alaska

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GHG Concentrations Hit Yet Another Record

Posted by feww on November 9, 2015

Submitted by a reader

Warming amplified by interaction between CO2 and water vapor: WMO

The concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere continue to set new records.

A 36% increase in radiative forcing due to long-lived greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) from industrial, agricultural and domestic activities, has affected the climate in the past 25 years, according to WMO’s Greenhouse Gas Bulletin.

The WMO report also highlights the interaction and amplification effect between rising levels of CO2  and water vapour, which is itself a major greenhouse gas, albeit short-lived. Warmer air holds more moisture and so increased surface temperatures caused by CO2 would lead to a rise in global water vapour levels, further adding to the enhanced greenhouse effect.  Further increases in CO2 concentrations will lead to disproportionately high increases in thermal energy and warming from water vapour.

“Every year we report a new record in greenhouse gas concentrations,” said WMO Secretary-General.  “Every year we say that time is running out. We have to act NOW to slash greenhouse gas emissions if we are to have a chance to keep the increase in temperatures to manageable levels.”

[“Manageable levels of temperature?” Is this crotch science or the more scientific “argument of the pubic hair?”]

Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 reached 397.7 parts per million (ppm) in 2014.  “In the Northern hemisphere CO2 concentrations crossed the symbolically significant 400 ppm level in 2014 spring, when CO2 is most abundant.  In spring 2015, the global average concentration of CO2 crossed the 400 ppm barrier.”

Caught in a massive positive feedback loop, Earth’s surface is heating up rapidly. The excess energy trapped by atmospheric GHGs is resulting in increasing levels of water vapor, which in turn generates even more heat.

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Earthquake Cluster Strikes NW of Sabang, Indonesia

Posted by feww on November 9, 2015

M6.4, largest of 17 earthquakes, occurs 128km NW of Sabang, Indonesia

Centered at 6.846°N, 94.661°E the quake struck at a depth of 10.0km, USGS/EHP reported.

Nearby Cities

128km (80mi) NW of Sabang, Indonesia
160km (99mi) NNW of Banda Aceh, Indonesia
216km (134mi) NW of Sigli, Indonesia
254km (158mi) NW of Reuleuet, Indonesia
880km (547mi) WNW of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The cluster comprised of at least 17 shocks, as of posting, measuring 4.6Mw or greater and occuring at an an average depth of about 10km.

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