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Historic Flooding Underway: Town Evacuated

Posted by feww on December 29, 2015

Mandatory evacuation order issued for West Alton, Missouri

The U.S. Coast Guard has closed a large section of the Mississippi River near St. Louis due to flooding.

  • Historic flooding is underway.
  • Up to 12 inches of rain since Monday have inundated a vast area in southern and central U.S.
  • Water has topped the Consolidated North County Levee on the Mississippi River protecting the town of West Alton [pop: 550] in St. Louis-area, Missouri. The town is located at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.
  • The mayor has ordered a mandatory evacuation order.
  • The Mayor had previously urged the resident to evacuate voluntarily.
  • Multiple sections of major highways including Highway 94 are compromised, and have since been closed.
  • Multiple rivers are expected to crest higher than the records set in December 1982 and Summer of 1993 including the Bourbeuse River at Union, MO and the Mississippi River at Chester, IL.

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Significant Earthquake Strikes Near Edmond, Oklahoma

Posted by feww on December 29, 2015

M4.3 Strikes 8km ENE of Edmond, Oklahoma

Centered at 35.682°N, 97.396°W the event occurred at a depth of 8.0 km (4.9 mi), reported USGS/EHP.

EQ Details
Magnitude: 4.3Mw
Location: 35.682°N, 97.396°W
Time: 2015-12-29 11:39:19 (UTC)
Nearby Cities

  • 8km (5mi) ENE of Edmond, Oklahoma
  • 22km (14mi) S of Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 26km (16mi) NNE of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Gas Well Blowout at Porter Ranch, California Sickening Residents

Posted by feww on December 29, 2015

Monster Gas Leak Spewing up to 50,000 kg/hr of  powerful GHG

The massive gas leak at a natural gas storage well at Aliso Canyon storage field in Northridge, California, operated by SoCalGas, has released about 75,000 metric tons of methane since it was discovered on October 23, 2015.

The leak is currently spewing about 33,000 – 50,000 kg/hr of the GHG, which is said to be the equivalent of a quarter of the state’s total methane emissions from all sources.

The emissions are making the residents sick. Thousands of the residents have experienced nausea, dizziness, vomiting, nosebleeds, and headaches among other symptoms from the hazardous gas.

Some 6,500 families have filed for help, but only about 2,250 have since been relocated, with another 100 or so staying with family or friends.

New video shot with a highly specialized Optical Gas Imaging camera shows time-lapse image of Southern California Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon gas leak. Video depicts an ominous cloud of methane gas flowing down from the gas well over the community of Porter Ranch. The video shows the gas cloud at 60x speed. For more information visit:

Relocating Schools

The Board of Education took action last week to expedite the temporary relocation of Castlebay Lane Charter and Porter Ranch Community School, comprising a total of about 1,900 students, due to disruptions in teaching and learning caused by the methane leak in Aliso Canyon.

“When classes resume after the winter break, the 770 students in grades K-5 who attend Castlebay Lane will be relocated to Sunny Brae Avenue Elementary in Winnetka. Porter Ranch Community School, which has 1,100 students in grades K-8, will relocate to Northridge Middle School. Portable classrooms and available space at the host schools will be used to house the Castlebay Lane and Porter Ranch students, teachers and staff.”

SoCalGas in Aliso Canyon, outside of Los Angeles, has released the following in its latest report on the blowout.

Relief Well  [BPesque?]

Efforts to drill the relief well are progressing. Crews are actively working on Phase 3 of a 5 phase process. This potentially time consuming phase is critical to the overall success, and encompasses positively identifying the leaking well with active magnetic ranging technology. Once identified, the relief well will follow the leaking well to more than 8,000 feet deep and intercept it near its bottom. Once we intercept the well, we will pump heavy mud and fluids into the leaking well to stop the flow of gas from the reservoir and into the well. Once the flow of gas has been stopped, we will pump cement into the bottom of the well to permanently seal it. The drilling process continues around the clock, and is expected to be completed by late February to late March.

As of December 27, we have successfully located the leaking or target well using the active magnetic ranging tool and are preparing to resume drilling.  We have currently drilled approximately 3,800 feet of measured depth.  From this point on, we will be interchanging drilling and ranging equipment as needed to increase the precision of the relief well in relation to the target well’s location and to follow it down at the appropriate distance, angle and orientation.

We are also initiating a secondary relief well as backup to our ongoing drilling of the primary relief well. Grading of the drilling pad for the secondary well should be complete in early January.  At that point a drilling rig will be moved in and set up.  Drilling is slated to begin in late January.

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