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Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

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FIRE-EARTH Bulletin NO. 62

Posted by feww on January 26, 2014


FIRE-EARTH Bulletin NO. 62 has been released.

CJ Members may, at their own discretion, anonymously relay to selected individuals details of this forecast.

[This measure is taken to bypass the corporate owned and controlled government and prevent their censors/disinformation agents from monopolizing and abusing the forecast information.]

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Wisconsin Declares State of Emergency over Extreme Cold, Fuel Shortage

Posted by feww on January 26, 2014


Walker declares a State of Emergency due to extreme cold, propane shortages in Wisconsin

Gov. Walker has declared a State of Emergency in response to potentially life-threatening temperatures expected to plague Wisconsin this week and dangerously low propane levels impacting the state.

More than quarter of a million Wisconsinites depend on propane to heat their homes and businesses.

Proclamation declaring a State of Emergency in Response to Severe Winter Weather and a Propane Shortage

… an extremely dangerous winter storm with associated bitter
and potentially life-threatening temperatures, exacerbated by
brutal wind chill values at thirty to fifty degrees below zero, will
be moving across the entire State of Wisconsin … and the supply of
propane gas for heating purposes is dangerously low throughout the
State of Wisconsin, affecting the safety of citizens and property…

The entire Midwest is experiencing a propane shortage, including Wisconsin.

The supply shortage in the upper Midwest has caused delivery delays and reduced delivery amounts for propane customers in America’s Dairyland, as well as ALL Midwestern states. The propane shortage has been caused by a combination of unusually cold winter temperatures, closure of a major pipeline supplying propane to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa and increased propane demand for grain drying due to a wet fall, said the Office of Governor Scott Walker in a statement.

NOT coming to a place near you anytime soon

National Heating Fuel Shortages

“Last week, the U.S. Department of Energy reported that cold weather led to record-high natural gas storage withdrawals, as well as propane.  These are the largest drawdowns in the 20-year history of the survey and the second time this year the record has been broken. Efforts are underway with the U.S. Department of Energy to acknowledge that emergency conditions could be forming, as consumers and businesses in dozens of state are faced with higher electricity and gas costs due to persistent cold weather,”  said the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) in its latest Statement on Propane Supply, Demand, and Distribution.

Some of the propane gas retailers have run out of supplies in the worst hit areas in the South, East and Midwest, said NPGA.

US-DOT: Current – Emergency Declarations, Waivers, Exemptions & Permits

In addition to the State of Emergency in Louisiana, numerous other states of emergencies and/or executive orders, wavers and exemptions have been issued  for 33 states in the U.S. South, East and Midwest and District of Columbia, according to the Department of Transportation.

The following Emergencies are currently in effect:

Regional Emergency Declaration Issued by Southern Service Center (PDF)

Affected States: Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma.  (Effective Date:  1/21/2014 – In effect for the duration of the emergency or until 2/11/2014, whichever is less).

Regional Emergency Declaration Issued by Eastern Service Center (PDF)

Affected States: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont and West Virginia.  (Effective from 1/19/2014 In effect for the duration of the emergency or until 2/11/2014, whichever is less).

Regional Emergency Declaration Issued by Midwestern Service Center (PDF)

Affected States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin.   (Effective from 1/19/2014 In effect for the duration of the emergency or until 2/11/2014, whichever is less).

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