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US Debt Surges by Hundreds of Billions in One Day

Posted by feww on October 19, 2013

US Government Borrowed Record $328.23Billion On Thursday

A day after the government shutdown ended, US National Debt surged by 328.23 billion.

US Debt surged the first day government was able to borrow money. The total public debt outstanding at the close of business on Wednesday, October 16 was $16,747,360,549,057.23billion [ Rounded up to $16.75trillion.]

On Thursday, the debt grew to $17,075,590,107,963.57, a massive spike of $328.23billon, shattering the previous one-day borrowing record of $238 billion set in 2011.

national debt clock - durst org
US Debt as of Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 13:26UTC as shown at the ‘Our National Debt’ website, maintained by the Durst Organization in New York.

Debt Limit [U.S. Department of the Treasury ]

The debt limit is the total amount of money that the United States government is authorized to borrow to meet its existing legal obligations, including Social Security and Medicare benefits, military salaries, interest on the national debt, tax refunds, and other payments. The debt limit does not authorize new spending commitments. It simply allows the government to finance existing legal obligations that Congresses and presidents of both parties have made in the past. 

Since 1960, Congress has acted 78 separate times to permanently raise, temporarily extend, or revise the definition of the debt limit

The government debt had hovered near $16.7 trillion since May 2013. On Wednesday, the lawmakers agreed to suspend the debt ceiling until February 7, 2014, which meant the government could borrow as much money as it wanted, and that’s exactly what they have done.

$1 Trillion On Defense

U.S. will have spent an astonishing $931 billion on DEFENSE in 2013, and that’s a conservative figure, according to The American Conservative .

“And this will turn out to be a conservative figure. We won’t spend less than that, but among other things, it doesn’t include the interest we’re paying on money we borrowed to fund past military operations; nor does it include portions of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration that are dedicated to national security. And we don’t know if this number captures the entire intelligence budget or not, because parts of intelligence funding are classified.”

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FRANCISCO Intensifying to “Extraterrestrial” Storm Force

Posted by feww on October 19, 2013

Super Typhoon FRANCISCO shifting to overdrive

Super Typhoon FRANCISCO, currently packing sustained winds of about 260km/hr, is expected to continue intensifying, gaining wind speeds of about 280km/hr.

Super Typhoon FRANCISCO

  • Time: 09:00UTC – October 19, 2013
  • Movement: NW (305 degrees) at 15km/hr
  • Position: Near 16.9ºN, 139.5E
  • Location: About 920km South of Iwo To (Iwo Jima), Japan
  • Max Sustained Winds: 260km/hr [increasing to 280km/hr —FIRE-EARTH Forecast]
  • Max Wind Gusts: 315km/hr [increasing to 335km/hr —FIRE-EARTH Forecast]
  • Significant Wave Height:   18m [Expected to rise —FIRE-EARTH Forecast]
  • Source: FIRE-EARTH and others

francisco vis-ir 19oct13Super Typhoon FRANCISCO. VISIBLE/INFRARED satellite image (FIRE-EARTH Enhancement) recorded at 09:32UTC on October 19, 2013. Original image sourced from: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC.  [Image added at 11:30UTC on October 19, 2013.]

Super Typhoon FRANCISCO is closely followed by Tropical Depression 27W [JTWC nomenclature.] FIRE-EARTH models show the two systems could interact, with a probability of about 60 percent, under favorable conditions.

francisco- projected path 19oct13
Super Typhoon FRANCISCO’s Projected Path.  At 09:32UTC on October 19, 2013. Source: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC.  [Image added at 11:30UTC on October 19, 2013.]

More details to follow…

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Fire Consumes 180,000 Tons of Sugar in Brazil Port

Posted by feww on October 19, 2013

Brazil fire destroys major sugar terminal, pushing sugar prices to a one-year high

A fire in Brazil’s largest port of Santos has destroyed warehouses containing at least 180,000 tons of raw sugar, pushing global prices to a one-year high.

The terminal affected by the blaze belongs to Copersucar, world’s largest sugar trader, with export capacity of about 10 million tons per year.

The destruction of the terminal infrastructure is expected to affect short-term deliveries as well as causing “disruption in Copersucar’s loading operations in the next 3-6 months,” according to a report quoting analysts at Credit Suisse investment bank.

The world’s largest sugar exporter, Brazil produces about 34 million tons of sugar annually and accounts for 50 percent of global sales.

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