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Could LUPIT Do a U-Turn?

Posted by feww on October 24, 2009

Could LUPIT Strengthen to a Typhoon AND Do a U-Turn?

The answer is yes and yes, but only just!

FEWW Moderators believe there’s a 30 percent probability that Tropical Cyclone LUPIT could strengthen to a typhoon force again, and it might do a u-turn heading back toward Luzon with a probability of about 10 percent.

As of 4:00 pm local time, October 24, 2009, Tropical Storm LUPIT (“RAMIL”) was located at 22.8°N, 125.9°E, or about 425 km Northeast of Basco, Batanes with maximum winds of 95 km/h and gusts of up to 120 km/h. Nearly all models suggest that LUPIT will move Northeast at 15 km/h.

lupit 24-10-09 frm
Typhoon Lupit – DOST-PAGASA MTSAT-EIR Satellite Image frozen at 12:30 UTC  on 24 Oct. 2009. Click image to enlarge and update.

LUPIT Track by UniSys Weather.  Click image to enlarge .

RAMIL - chart - FMSLPA 24-10-09
LUPIT Chart. Source: DOST-PAGASA of the Philippines. Click image to enlarge and update.

Satellite Loops/Animation/Images

Other Satellite Images:

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What’s Good for the Great Lakes Goose …

Posted by feww on October 24, 2009

Quotes for the Day:

NYC Water Pollution and NatGas Drilling

“The nine million New York residents who depend upon Catskill-Delaware water deserve the same amount of protection as those New Yorkers who depend upon Great Lakes surface waters.” —New York City’s acting environmental commissioner

It would cost the city an  estimated $10 billion to build a filtration and treatment plant, which would cost hundreds of millions of dollars a year to maintain, cleaning the pollution that would be created as a result of natgas drilling near the upstate watershed, which supplies 90 percent of its drinking water. That’s a 30 percent hike in water and sewer rates for the New Yorkers.

“This is not a risk that is worth taking when we are talking about something as fundamental as the city’s water supply…  We didn’t have the money to do that before the recession, and we certainly don’t have the money to do it now.” —City Council Speaker Christine Quinn

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Impact of El Niño and La Niña on Rainfall

Posted by feww on October 24, 2009

How El Niño and La Niña affect Rainfall

El Niño 1997

La Niña, 1988

El Niño and its counterpart La Niña alter weather patterns across the world. These images show the strongest El Niño and La Niña events of the past twenty years and their impact on rainfall over North and South America.

The top image pair shows the El Niño event of 1997, and the direct correlation between warm surface waters and rainfall. The 1997 El Niño was unusually strong and brought heavy rain to northwest South America and the southern United States. Cooler ocean temperatures caused drought in Australia and Indonesia, as shown in the 1997 rainfall anomaly image.

The lower image pair shows La Niña in 1988 . La Niña occurs when the eastern Pacific off the coast of South America cools. The unusually cold ocean cools the atmosphere above it. The cool, dense air means less  rain falls over the cold waters in the eastern equatorial Pacific. Image reveals that the drought reached Peru and Ecuador in northwest South America. Globally, La Niña causes unusually heavy rain in India, Southeast Asia, Australia, and southeastern Africa.

NASA Earth Observatory images by Rob Simmon and Jesse Allen, based on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer and the Global Precipitation Climatology Project at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Caption by Holli Riebeek. [Edited for brevity by FEWW]

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