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Britain Saw Wettest, Most Catastrophic Winter

Posted by feww on February 27, 2014


Wettest, 5th Warmest and Probably Most Disastrous Winter in the UK

Britain had the wettest winter since records began in 1766, with 435mm of rain recorded up to February 24, said the UK Met Office.

New records were set in many parts of the UK, with southeast and central southern England receiving more than double the average winter rainfall. And more rain is expected…

Ferocious storms have caused extensive damage along the coastal areas, cutting off a major rail link and flooding thousands of homes.

Some 25 square miles of land have been inundated in the Somerset Levels, as well as towns and villages along River Thames.

More than 6,500 properties have been flooded in England and Wales since December.

The cost of damage could top $2billion.

UK Rainfall amount
Britain has seen record rainfall this winter … more rain forecast. Source: UK Met Office.

Average Temperatures

The UK has been experiencing a warmer than average winter so far, with an average mean temperature of 5.2ºC, or 1.5ºC above normal.

It is the 5th warmest winter since 1910, said the Met Office.

12% More sunshine than average

Despite the wet weather, south England has experienced 12% more sunshine than average this winter.

UK Sunshine duration
UK experienced its 5th warmest winter, with the south receiving 12 per cent more sunshine than average. Source: UK Met Office.

Sinkholes and Landslides

Meanwhile, the British Geological Survey reported that the exceptional winter storms that struck the UK this year have contributed to an increase in the incidence of sinkholes and landslides.

UK Weather Forecast

The Met Office has warned:

“An area of low pressure is expected to move eastwards on Friday. There is considerable uncertainty in its track and therefore on the risk and location of any snow.

“This warning will be kept under review and the public are advised to keep up to date with the forecast and warnings.”


In November 2009,  EDRO/FIRE-EARTH Models showed climate change could directly affect about half the UK population within 3 to 5  years. Our Forecast and most of the links posted below have since been filtered, censored, blocked or buried by Google, WordPress and others.

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Six U.S. Fisheries to Receive Disaster Relief

Posted by feww on February 27, 2014

Fishery Disasters caused by tsunami,  river flood, drought … and Hurricane Sandy

Six fisheries across the U.S. that were declared fishery disasters in 2012 and 2013 will receive $75 million in disaster relief funds, announced NOAA.

The allocations from the disaster relief fund will go to

  • Commercial fisheries in American Samoa (damaged by the tsunami of 2009)
  • Commercial fisheries in Mississippi (affected by the Mississippi River flood of 2011)
  • The New England multispecies groundfish fishery for the 2013 season
  • Alaska’s Chinook salmon fishery for 2011 and 2012 (near collapses)
  • The Florida oyster fishery in the Gulf of Mexico (damaged by  drought in 2012)
  • Fisheries in New York and New Jersey (destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012)

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Crop Disaster Declared in Three States

Posted by feww on February 27, 2014


Crop Disaster Declared for 20 Counties in Three States

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has declared 20 counties in three states as crop disaster areas, in two separate designations, due to the recent drought.

The disaster designations are for the states of California, Arizona and New Mexico.

  • California: Riverside, San Diego, Imperial, Orange,  and San Bernardino counties.
  • Arizona: Cochise, Graham,  Pima, Gila, Maricopa, Pinal, Apache Greenlee, Navajo, Yavapai, Coconino,  La Paz (2 disaster designations), Santa Cruz and Yuma counties.
  • New Mexico: Hidalgo County.

Between January 10 and February 26, 2014 USDA has declared 674 counties as crop disaster areas due to drought.

1. USDA trigger point for a countywide disaster declaration is 30 percent crop loss on at least one crop.

2. The total number of counties designated as agricultural disaster areas includes both primary and contiguous disaster areas.

3. A number of counties have been designated crop disaster areas more than once due to multiple disasters.

4. The U.S. has a total of 3,143 counties and county-equivalents.

5. The disaster designations were approved by USDA on February 26, 2014.

State of Emergency

Governor Brown proclaimed a State of Emergency on January 27  amid the worsening statewide drought.  He called the “really serious,” adding that 2014 could be California’s third consecutive dry year. “In many ways it’s a mega-drought.”

57 California Counties Declared Crop Disaster Areas

All but one of the 58 counties in the state of California have been declared Crop Disaster Areas due to Extreme Drought conditions.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated 57 counties in the state of California as crop disaster areas due to the worsening drought, since the beginning of the year.

California State Resources

2014 Federal and Agriculture Disaster Declarations

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You Don’t Stand a Chance Because…

Posted by edro on February 27, 2014

Thought for the Day

… the essence of existence is the ability to change.

You are denied the ability to change!

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